ALPSP seminar: I never metadata I didn’t like

November 27, 2019 
London, UK

In a recent report surveying executives from 25 leading publishers, metadata was rated as the top element “essential to our business” but the second lowest in terms of capability. Why? Metadata is perceived by publishers as hard to do and even harder to do right. Most content is still tagged manually, which can introduce errors. Metadata’s purpose is to describe content, and as it permeates throughout hundreds or even thousands of platforms, systems, users, countries, mistakes and gaps are passed along too, which means content is often consistently misrepresented.

At this seminar, we will hear from publishers who describe their journey to enrich metadata and their lessons learned along the way. We’ll also hear from consumers of metadata who will bang the drum for an emphasis on abstracts or acceptance dates (or you name it), and from infrastructure organisations who attempt to collaborate to make it easier for everyone to do better. 

Who should attend: This commercial, non-technical, seminar is aimed at a wide range of roles within the scholarly publishing industry.

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