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06.04.2021 | SSP News & Releases

Info Session Preview | Get Involved with SSP!

At the upcoming “Get Involved!” webinar on June 9, Alice Meadows, SSP President and NISO Director of Community Engagement, will introduce the SSP Committee Chairs to describe numerous opportunities for volunteering at our Society. A few of our volunteers took the time to illuminate the benefits of volunteering with SSP and why you should learn more about what you have to offer.

“What I love about serving on various SSP committees is how committed and passionate all the volunteers are,” said Stephanie Lovegrove Hansen, Director of Marketing at Silverchair. “I love that each committee has its own unique style and ways of working, and it’s great to see how they all work together to share information and promote the work we’re collectively doing. It has made me feel even more invested in SSP’s events, community outreach, & educational opportunities to know the smart, creative people behind the scenes.”

Serving on a committee or task force is a great way to expand your network, gain valuable leadership skills, and increase your personal and organizational visibility within the industry. 

“The SSP Marketing & Communications experience has been a tremendous experience for me,” said Jennifer Regala, Director of Publications and Executive Editor at the American Urological Association. “I have met colleagues from across every sector of scholarly publishing and built long-lasting connections with them. The MarComm Committee has allowed me to see the extensive list of valuable programming and networking opportunities SSP offers and given me the privilege of sharing the benefits of these with the membership.”

The “Get Involved!” webinar will showcase so many terrific opportunities for engaging in the SSP community and a huge network of industry professionals. Attendees will get a chance to see the different volunteer positions available and how the Committees work together in advancing the strategic mission.

“I have been an SSP volunteer for five years now and have served on and co-chaired two different committees,” said Mike Groth, Director of Marketing, KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. “It has been an invaluable experience both professionally and personally for raising my company’s profile, making career connections, and giving back to our industry. SSP is a wonderful community and volunteering is the best way to forge enduring relationships with colleagues who are passionate about scholarly communications.”

The SSP Committee appointments (one-year terms, renewable) are typically made shortly after the Annual Meeting. After attending this informational webinar on getting involved with SSP, you can submit your candidacy to the Committee Chairs for consideration and then look forward to getting started!

Members who are interested in becoming more involved in SSP’s activities should register now for the “Get Involved!” webinar happening this Wednesday, June 9! Learn more about the different SSP Committees that serve our Society.

News contribution by SSP member, Katie Duffy. Katie specializes in STM Publishing and Association Management.

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