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08.24.2023 | SSP News & Releases

Introducing “The Early Career Chew: Industry Bites for Peckish Publishing Professionals” Newsletter

August 24, 2023 – Four leading professional organizations—Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP), Council of Science Editors (CSE), International Society for Managing and Technical Editors (ISMTE), and STM Association (STM)—have come together to launch “The Early Career Chew: Industry Bites for Peckish Publishing Professionals,” a free newsletter summarizing the top industry news, career resources, and events each quarter available exclusively on LinkedIn.

Conceived by early career members from each organization, this collaborative newsletter will bring readers the latest bites of information from freely accessible sources throughout the scholarly publishing industry every quarter. Issues will be produced on a rotating schedule by each organization and then shared among their networks, so be sure to subscribe to the newsletter on LinkedIn to never miss an issue! Highlights include Industry News, Upcoming Events, and Career Resources – handpicked to whet the appetite of early-career scholarly publishers.

“Early career professionals are the future of scholarly publishing, and CSE is excited to partner with SSP, ISMTE, and STM to provide this important and complimentary resource specifically developed with early career professionals in mind.”
—Shari Leventhal, CSE President, 2023-2024

“The idea for a newsletter focused on early career publishing professionals is something I’ve been excited about for a long time. Our organizations all provide helpful resources for people new to scholarly publishing, and it’s great to have another way to share those resources with the people who need them. Making these tools discoverable is important – people new to the industry may not know where to look or might not be familiar with all of our organizations. This newsletter is a great place to promote events and articles so that our organization’s work can benefit a wider audience. The team from SSP has done an excellent job in getting the project off the ground, and the working group from all four organizations has put a lot of time into what I believe will be an awesome newsletter.”
—Kevin Jewett, Chair of the Early Career Committee, ISMTE

 “The Early Career Chew is a great resource for early career professionals and truly the first newsletter of its kind. It was a heartening experience to see so many different organizations unite to support this community and mission. I believe that this holistic approach to sharing information and opportunities will go a long way in helping people advance in their careers. The STM Association and ECPC specifically were thrilled to participate!”
—Melissa Close, Outreach Chair of the Early Career Professionals Committee, STM

 “The SSP Early Career Subcommittee is excited to celebrate the publication of our first issue! As we are constantly inundated with resources and events throughout the industry, we wanted to create a place that brings together the most relevant ones for Early Career Professionals. Working closely with ISMTE, CSE, and STM on a collaborative initiative that serves this mission has been a great experience. We hope that readers find it interesting and helpful, and we look forward to working together as it evolves with the scholarly communications landscape.”
—Kate Lavallee, Co-Chair of the Early Career Subcommittee, SSP

The Summer 2023 inaugural issue covers topics such as AI in scholarly publishing, conferences and events to get involved in and resources like SSP’s Career Development Podcast and a Special Issue on Careers in Scientific Editing and Publishing in CSE’s Science Editor. Read and subscribe now!

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