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05.22.2017 | Member News & Releases

Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. adopts authoritative Ringgold data to advance their business

May 22, 2017 – Beaverton OR – Ringgold is pleased to welcome Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. to the roster of publishers and intermediaries using the Identify Database and its Ringgold Identifiers. Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. has engaged Ringgold’s experts to provide data normalization services, in addition to their planned integration of the Identify Database as an enterprise-wide organizational authority file and source of market intelligence. Sophisticated author outreach, business development, and the improvement of internal reporting capabilities are some of the aims which Ringgold data will support.

“We are a publisher that runs all aspects of our business on rich data from a multitude of sources,” said Wendy Newsham, Director of Institutional Sales and Business Development at Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. “Implementing Ringgold will ensure consistent institutional identifiers across our business, guaranteeing the quality of the information that we use to make critical decisions. Further, the Identify Database, along with the Consortia Directory, provides keen insight to our global territories, allowing us to very quickly identify opportunities for growth.”

Ringgold’s Jay Henry commented, “Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. understands the value and potential of using the Ringgold ID and the Identify Database as a single source of trusted information about the institutions that matter to them: author affiliations, licensees, prospects, and funders. It’s exciting and rewarding to work with a publisher who is ready to transform their data into actionable knowledge.”

About Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. – Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. (www.liebertpub.com) is a privately held, fully integrated media company universally acknowledged for publishing authoritative peer-reviewed journals in the most promising areas of biomedical research, biotechnology and regenerative medicine, clinical medicine, public health, law, environmental studies, and technology and engineering. The company’s publications make critical contributions in advancing research and facilitating collaboration throughout the world in academia, industry, and government, and are also highly respected resources for legislators, policymakers, and educators. A complete list of the firm’s journals, books, and newsmagazines is available on the Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. website.

About Ringgold – Ringgold (www.ringgold.com) has created a process for the identification of institutions and the relationships between organizations. Since 2003, Ringgold has been developing Identify, a curated authority file of more than 450,000 institutions spanning multiple industry sectors. Each institutional entry has been assigned its own unique Ringgold ID, which is mapped to the organizational hierarchy and a range of classification metadata, including consortium membership and the ISNI. A full list of the publishers, intermediaries, and universities who have adopted Ringgold data can be viewed on the Ringgold corporate site.

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