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05.22.2023 | Member News & Releases

Partnership for Success: BMJ’s Continued Collaboration with Kriyadocs

Kriyadocs is pleased to announce that one of its valued customers, BMJ, has renewed its contract with the company. The renewal solidifies the successful and long-standing partnership between BMJ and Kriyadocs, further strengthening the mutual commitment to advancing scholarly communication.

BMJ is a global healthcare knowledge provider and publisher of one of the world’s top 4 general medical journals, The BMJ. The organisation has been at the forefront of medical research and innovation for over 170 years. Its editorial mission is to provide a platform for high-quality research that can make a real impact on healthcare and advance the field of medicine through evidence-based practice and collaboration. BMJ is a prominent advocate for the advancement of healthcare and a leading authority in the worldwide medical community, owing to its steadfast pursuit of excellence in medical research, clinical decision support tools, events, and educational resources.

BMJ and Kriyadocs have maintained a strong and growing partnership since 2008, with Kriyadocs developing into a full-service partner for BMJ. BMJ and Kriyadocs have worked together closely to achieve remarkable milestones, including:

  • A 60% reduction in publication times over the last 6 years, enabling faster dissemination of content to readers
  • A 2x increase in the volume of articles published from 2016 to 2022, providing readers with a greater variety of high-quality content
  • The launch of new journals, expanding BMJ’s reach and influence in the academic publishing world

Furthermore, BMJ and Kriyadocs have strongly emphasised providing a fantastic author experience, which has been a key aspect of their collaboration.

“BMJ have enjoyed working with Kriyadocs on our BMJ Journals Collection for several years, and they have become a trusted solutions provider,” said Natalie Bryan, Head of Production Services, BMJ. “The quality and speed of their work are unparalleled, and we appreciate their willingness to work closely with us to automate routine tasks, resulting in exceptional turnaround times without any loss of quality.

“Kriyadocs has been a reliable partner, consistently sharing suggestions for improvements and being realistic in what they can deliver. We work collaboratively, and the communication between our teams has been excellent. Whenever we have concerns, they are promptly reviewed and resolved.

“Reports are comprehensive, and Kriyadocs are always open to developing solutions that meet our specific requirements. We have also found the production platform extremely intuitive, allowing us to make changes to the majority of the content within the interface itself and generate a new proof within minutes.

“We have formed a solid partnership with Kriyadocs and appreciate their commitment to quality, speed, and collaboration. I highly recommend Kriyadocs to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient solutions provider.”

“Our partnership with BMJ has been a catalyst in our growth, and we are grateful to have such a supportive and collaborative partner,” said Ravi Venkataramani, CEO, Kriyadocs. “With a shared vision for high-quality content that meets readers’ needs, we are excited about the opportunities that our partnership will continue to bring in the future. We appreciate BMJ’s commitment to excellence and innovation, which has encouraged us to push the boundaries of our scholarly publishing solutions. We are immensely grateful for our partnership with BMJ and look forward to exploring new ways to innovate and collaborate.”

With over 18 years of experience delivering solutions to its global clientele, Kriyadocs is dedicated to co-creating and collaborating with its user community to enhance and advance scholarly communication.

About BMJ

As a global healthcare knowledge provider, BMJ publishes one of the world’s top five most cited general medical journals, The BMJ, and over 65 specialty journals. The organisation also offers digital professional development courses and clinical decision support tools to help health professionals improve the quality of healthcare delivery. Explore more about BMJ: bmj.com/company.

Contact Natalie Bryan, Head of Production Services, BMJ | nbryan@bmj.com

About Kriyadocs

Kriyadocs was created by Exeter Premedia Services to realise its mission of providing a fantastic experience for authors and content publishers. It is an ecosystem for scholarly publishers that streamlines publishing workflows from submission to review to distribution. With an ethos of bringing agility into publishing, the Kriyadocs ecosystem provides an array of technology solutions and services to a global clientele of leading academic, professional, and scholarly publishers.

Contact Ravi Venkataramani, CEO, Kriyadocs | ravi@kriyadocs.com

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