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02.03.2021 | SSP News & Releases

Present a Poster SSP Style!

Not quite ready to take the stage and present to a large audience? New to the industry and not sure how to participate? Did you miss the session submission deadline? Poster presentations are an opportunity to share information with interested attendees throughout the conference, and for poster authors to talk about their poster’s content during dedicated times. Poster proposals are due February 16, 2021.

Posters are online during the Annual Meeting, accompanied by a pre-recorded 5-minute explainer video. During dedicated “Poster Hall” times, poster authors have the opportunity to talk via chat and video with interested attendees.

A note about content: At other conferences, poster presentations deal exclusively with presenting research results. We welcome ANY type of content that is suitable for a poster format – case studies, introductions/explorations of scholarly communication topics, survey results, [insert your idea here] …

Complimentary Poster Presenter Pass!
Accepted poster authors get a free pass that includes access to the poster sessions, the Marketplace Gallery, all Industry Breakout sessions, and the Awards Presentation.

Top 10 Tips for Creating a Winning Poster :

  1. Create a title that is descriptive of your poster content
  2. Appeal to a broad range of attendees: SSP Annual Meeting attendees value networking opportunities, insight into new developments, and practical applications they can use to advance their careers.
  3. Write an abstract that is no more than 250 words that describes the content of your poster. This will be included in the online program.
  4. Describe the ideal audience for your poster: publishers, editors, academics, librarians, marketers, production personnel, etc.
  5. Check out the links below for some design inspiration!
  6. Create your 8 ½ x 11-inch poster. Choose the horizontal layout that will optimize screen space for viewers.
  7. Use a font that is at least 16 points to make your text easier to read
  8. Record your 5-minute explainer video. Be prepared to do multiple takes!
  9. Have your elevator pitch ready for when someone asks about your poster and prepare for Q&A during designated Poster Hall times.
  10. Indicate the education level your poster will address:
    1. Foundational: Focus on awareness and relaying information; appropriate for those with limited experience of the subject seeking an introductory understanding of the content area(s).
    2. Applied: Focus on understanding and comprehension; appropriate for those with some experience seeking to build on, apply, or enhance existing knowledge using content in practical applications/implementations.
    3. Strategic: Focus on analysis, evaluation, and decision-making; appropriate for those with substantial prerequisite knowledge seeking the most up-to-date information to heighten expertise and advance best practices.
    4. Mixed-learning: Includes both applied and strategic perspectives on an issue; appropriate for those with at least some experience of the subject area seeking a mix of immediate/practical and future/planning information.
    5. Networking: Provides an opportunity for peer-to-peer interaction among groups with similar interests and/or geographical locations, for all career levels. May be purely social in nature, have a specific topic (e.g. speaker or panel), or focus on an element of career development (e.g. mentorship).

Selection criteria:

The Annual Meeting Program Committee will review proposals and rate them on the following criteria:

  • Topic is timely and relevant
  • Original concept and/or fresh analysis
  • Represents broad and diverse speakers and ideas
  • Focus and learning outcomes are well defined
  • Sufficient interactivity with the audience is planned

Inspiration & Samples

Draft your poster proposal today! If you have any questions, please drop us a line at info@sspnet.org.

News contribution by SSP member, Heather Kotula. Heather is the Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Access Innovations, Inc.

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