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01.30.2023 | SSP News & Releases

Seminar Preview | Introduction to Copyright

Join us for a virtual seminar on all the ins and outs of copyright. Our newest event, “Introduction to Copyright,” takes place February 8, from 2-4:00 pm ET. Led by Rick Anderson (University Librarian at Brigham Young University’s Harold B. Lee Library), this seminar will provide an overview of copyright, starting with its purpose, then moving on to how it works. Along the way, he’ll cover some of the most pressing issues and questions around copyright:

• fair use
• licensing rights
• open access vs public access
• myths about authorship and copyright
• helping others understand copyright basics

Highly interactive, this workshop will be of interest to both early-career professionals as well as those more experienced in scholarly communications who want to enhance their understanding of the latest developments in copyright and its context within the wider academic ecosystem. 

Rick offered a few thoughts ahead of next week’s event:

Who is the intended audience for this seminar, and why should they attend? Anyone who wishes they had a better understanding of the basics of copyright law. Whether you’re an author, librarian, publisher, editor, or even just a reader, you need to understand your rights and obligations as creators and users of creative works. This seminar will give you a solid foundation – and even if you think you have that foundation already, I bet you’ll learn something unexpected.

Why do you think this topic is important and timely? All of us both create and use copyrighted materials every day – so we all needed to understand copyright yesterday!

Is there a particular topic you’re looking forward to seeing discussed? I look forward to talking about all aspects of copyright because I’m a complete copyright nerd. My wife is sick of listening to me talk about copyright, so it’s great to have a fresh audience. But I especially get excited about teaching people what their rights are and what that means for how they can do their work – whether as content creators or content consumers.

What can participants expect from the seminar? I hope participants will come away with a new appreciation of both the simplicity and complexity of copyright and with a new confidence in their ability to navigate their rights and their obligations. I also hope they’ll gain an increased ability to see through the obfuscation and misinformation that sometimes characterize public discussion of copyright issues.

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News contribution by SSP member Aileen McHugh. Aileen is a Senior Associate Publisher and Sales and Circulation Director at the American College of Physicians.

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