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05.26.2017 | SSP News & Releases

Society for Scholarly Publishing Unveils a New Visual Identity

May 26, 2017 – Wheat Ridge, CO – The Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) has adopted a new logo as part of an evolution of its brand.

As the Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) enters its 40th year, the visual identity of the Society has been refreshed to better align with the work its members do to advance scholarly communication around the world.


“SSP has been a standard bearer for the scholarly publishing community. As scholarly publishing has evolved over the years, we felt now was the right time to refresh our logo to better reflect who we are today. SSP’s strength is within our membership and our new brand pays homage to our rich past while providing a new and exciting look for the Society going forward,” said Melanie Dolechek, SSP Executive Director.

SSP partnered with Kellen to design the new logo and visual identity. They provided a series of design concepts based on the theme of interconnected shapes. Yael Fitzpatrick, who co-chaired the SSP Branding Task Force with Lori Carlin, explains, “SSP’s logo has remained unchanged since its adoption in 1978. Working with Kellen, our goal was to position SSP as a welcoming community for those who care about scholarly publishing as well as a source for the cutting-edge ideas that move our industry forward.”

SSP’s Branding Task Force was drawn to the interlocking triangles in the new logo because of their relationship to the Society’s original logo. In the original design, the points on the circumference of the circle represent the various communities SSP seeks to serve and the cords across the circle symbolize the interactions and lines of communication and interest among those communities. The new logo’s design carries on these themes while reflecting the society’s position as a forward-thinking and innovative space in the publishing community.

About SSP – The Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP), founded in 1978, is a nonprofit member-driven organization committed to providing a home for forward-thinking scholarly communication professionals. SSP strives to provide members with the ability to connect, communicate, and collaborate around diverse topics and new initiatives, develop professionally through comprehensive educational opportunities and networking events, and engage and share knowledge through the SSP blog, The Scholarly Kitchen.

SSP members represent all aspects of scholarly publishing — including publishers, printers, e-products developers, technical service providers, librarians, and editors. SSP members come from a wide range of large and small commercial and nonprofit organizations.

For more information, please contact:

Melanie Dolechek, SSP Executive Director
+1 303-422-3914

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