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11.08.2023 | SSP News & Releases

Webinar Preview | AI Efficiencies to Optimize Workflow from Submission to Publication

Our 2023 webinar series continues with our Scholarly Kitchen webinar “AI Efficiencies to Optimize Workflow from Submission to Publication: 3 Case Studies,” happening Wednesday, November 15, at 11 am ET. Moderated by Avi Staiman (Academic Language Experts), speakers Julia Kostova (Frontiers), Sarah Taylor (Springer Nature Group), Dustin Smith (Hum), and Hong Zhou (Wiley Partner Solutions) will address how their organizations are using AI in publishing workflows. Read on for a sneak peek at the case studies to be discussed!

AI Tools to Improve Editor Efficiency

Quality and speed of publication are top priorities for researchers. Frontiers was one of the first publishers to develop an AI-driven tool, AIRA, to support the quality and research integrity evaluation of the manuscripts we receive. AIRA also allows for efficiency and scalability while upholding quality standards, reducing the time to publication, and serving researchers better. Acknowledging the need to support all researchers involved in the publishing process — incl. reviewers and editors, Frontiers has made the tool available to all participants in the peer review process to support their evaluation of submissions.

Intelligent Content Classification

Auto-content classification is one of the most popular AI applications and serves as a foundation for many applications such as audience profiling, content recommendation, and content collection, but it is not without challenges. Wiley has designed and developed intelligent classification services powered by AI to tackle these challenges and help partners to better manage and monetize their content.

Building Special Issues with Data & AI

Special collections (paired with strong peer reviews!) are a great way to recruit authors and build energy around emerging topics. See an end-to-end process of how Hum uses an AI engine to help publishers develop special issues to understand and engage with their audiences.

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