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2014 SSP 36th Annual Meeting

Concurrent 1C: Much Ado about Mobile: Making Mobile Product Development Choices

Concurrent 1C: Much Ado about Mobile: Making Mobile Product Development Choices

Many organizations are confused when it comes to the best approach to mobile delivery for both their content and their community. Should all content on mobile devices be free? What is the right business and technical approach for your organization that meets the needs of your community? How should you execute your choices technically (mobile optimized websites, IOS vs. Android, HTML5 cross-platform development)? In this session, each speaker will discuss how their organization addressed the challenges of mobile strategy and what path they took or are in the midst of taking to develop a strategy that best suits their organizational goals and customer needs. Through short presentations and lively question and answer panel discussion, attendees will learn how these publishers and organizations determined what mobile delivery approach would best suit their needs, and what feature set and functions were key to a successful product for their specific target audiences.
Moderator: Lori Carlin, Delta Think


Jeff Lang, American Chemical Society
Jeff Lang is SR. Product Manager, Web Delivery for The American Chemical Societys Digital Publications platform, where he supports innovation and product development that explores the untapped potential of technology to enhance scholarship. Prior to this role, Jeff worked at ProQuest in many departments, including Product Owner for RefWorks and Community Manger of GradShare.com a graduate student support community. Jeff has degrees in Computer Science and Information Management and has spent the last 10 years at the nexus of technology and academic services.
Mikael Engebretson, American Academy of Neurology
Mikael Engebretson, Director of Publications at the American Academy of Neurology, has been in medical publishing for over 25 years. Mike has served as Publisher at established industry leaders such as Mosby, McGraw-Hill, and Elsevier as well as medical content start-ups and development stage companies. He has led the development of successful medical electronic product lines in collaboration with world-leading subject matter experts, usually in the earliest stages of those emerging markets or technologies. He has developed and launched medical reference and educational products on laser videodisc, multimedia CD-ROM, web-enabled CD-ROMs, web sites, and mobile apps. His current passion is in print-to-electronic transition planning for the AAN by leveraging next generation development strategies and business models within the evolving Web/Mobile healthcare ecosystem.
Steve Welch, ACCP
Stephen Welch is Senior Vice President and Publisher for the American College of Chest Physicians. Steve oversees the operations and business of
the organization’s publishing programs including its flagship journal CHEST, its series of e-books, and many other ancillary publishing projects and products. In the past 20 years he has enhanced the development, utility, delivery, and monetization of CHESTs publishing business and supported its brand extension through online innovation, app creation, and digital content delivery. Prior to joining CHEST in 1994, Steve worked in the educational testing, medical certification examination development, and medical publishing fields, most notably with American College Testing (ACT). When not working, he spends his time scuba diving with large sharks whenever possible, collecting original comic book artwork, and searching for good BBQ.