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2014 SSP 36th Annual Meeting

Concurrent 2B: Learning to Let Go…

Concurrent 2B: Learning to Let Go and Add Readers to your Marketing Team or How Freemium Could be a Fairer Version of OA

‘Digital’ has unlocked bold new business models in other industries that leverage audiences for growth. Yet, so far, scholarly publishing has gone little further than flipping to an ‘author-pays’ model; are we missing the value in audience-building? In this session you’ll hear how one organization has extended its Freemium OA publishing model by launching a tool that allows readers to share and embed publications in their websites and blogs for free. Will empowering readers and the media to drive awareness of publications to a broader audience and lead to higher income from premium services? You’ll also hear how another organization is using an innovative reverse moving wall to attract audiences. In this session, attendees will learn how looking outward to audiences might lead a more balanced and sustainable publishing model for all stakeholders.

Moderator: Mike Clarke, Clarke & Company


Susan Hezlet, London Mathematical Society
Susan Hezlet runs the publishing at the London Mathematical Society (LMS), the principal scholarly society for mathematics in the UK. Over the last few years, she has managed the introduction of a wide variety of open access options for the journals, from green to hybrid to gold. Prior to working for the LMS, she worked for Springer as a Commissioning Editor in Mathematics. She is a past Treasurer of ALPSP and is still a member of their Council.
Jan Velterop, Academic Concept Knowledge
Jan Velterop started his publishing career at Elsevier in Amsterdam. After a few years out of the scientific field as the director of the Dutch regional newspaper De Twentsche Courant, he returned to international science publishing at Academic Press in London. He next joined Nature as director for a short while, but moved quickly on to BioMed Central. In 2005 he joined Springer Science+Business Media in the UK as Director of Open Access. In 2008, he left Springer to join Knewco, a company that uses semantic technology to accelerate scientific discovery. He is currently CEO of the recent start-up Academic Concept Knowledge Limited (AQnowledge).
Toby Green, OECD Publishing
Toby Green, Head of Publishing at OECD, joined OECD Publishing in 1998 and launched, in 2000, an i-library comprising full-text books, journals and statistical databases. In 2004, he launched OECDs StatLink service, linking full text publications to underlying data. In 2007, OECD switched to a freemium business model, making all books free to read online in a basic form, on any device, with revenue earned from premium online services and print. Having worked for Academic Press, Applied Science Publishers, and Pergamon Press now all owned by Elsevier – he reckons hes safe at OECD. He is Past-Chair of ALPSP and is a regular speaker at industry events in UK, France and USA.