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2014 SSP 36th Annual Meeting

Concurrent 3B: Making Digital Pay…

Concurrent 3B: Making Digital Pay: How Publishers Are (Or Are NOT) Making the Return on Their Digital Investments

The STM publishing community has invested heavily in technology and markup languages for more than 20 years. Weve passed the tipping point of acceptance for digital products and are at the place where users expect both print and digital formats of content across devices. But have publishers reached the expected return on digital products? Are consumers comfortable spending more than $1.99 for a single app? In this panel discussion, Marianne Calilhanna from Cenveo Publisher Services will speak with publishers, service providers, and industry consultants to share stories of successful and unsuccessful digital product releases and the rate of returns they are experiencing.
Moderator: Marianne Calilhanna, Cenveo Publisher Services


Bill Trippe, MIT Press
Bill Trippe is Director of Technology at MIT Press, where he oversees information technology, digital product operations, and development of new electronic products.
Rebekah Stacha, Society of Petroleum Engineers
Ms. Rebekah Stacha is the Senior Manager, Technical Publications for the Society of Petroleum Engineers. She has oversight for seven peer-reviewed journals, the online digital library, and SPEs various book series. She received a bachelors degree in business administration from Texas A&M University and has held a variety of positions focused on membership and publications with SPE for the past 14 years. An avid reader and admitted technology junkie, Ms. Stacha is very interested in the ways that digital content delivery is rapidly changing the publishing world.
Shaun Barriball, Quark
Shaun Barriball has worked in the mobile industry for 10 years, always at the forefront of technology with experience across all aspects of the mobile content value chain. In 2005 Shaun founded Mobile IQ, a leading provider of mobile solutions including AppStudio an award winning tablet publishing platform. He was named in the Global Telecoms 40 under 40, he serves on the digital advisory board of the BBC, and is a regular speaker on mobile and digital publishing. AppStudio is used by many of the leading titles in the STM market for digital publishing including the BMJ, NEJM and EASL.
Steven Heffner, MarketResearch.com/Simba Information
Steven Heffner has been involved in publishing information for professional audiences for more than 20 years, a career that spans the transition from print to digital and includes editorial and management roles in medical journals, health policy books, and most recently in B2B market research and business intelligence. As Vice President for Product Strategy at MarketResearch.com, he is responsible for developing and deploying platforms for the delivery of digital content to executives and research professionals at some of the worlds largest companies. In addition to product development duties, he also serves as Executive Publisher of Simba Information, the leading provider of business intelligence for the publishing industry.