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2014 SSP 36th Annual Meeting

Concurrent 3E: 21st Century Assessment…

Concurrent 3E: 21st Century Assessment: How Authors, Publishers, and Readers are using Altmetrics

With the increasing amount of information available to help authors, readers, and publishers discover and assess scholarly content, new mechanisms are required to understand this datas utility and value. Alternative metrics are often seen as potential tools that add value to journals and raise awareness of content. This session will present current developments and provide perspectives from several different stakeholders: the work of the NISO Altmetrics Initiative; the incorporation of altmetrics into the UK Snowball metrics framework, and the various researcher and publisher-led initiatives to incorporate these metrics into workflows; data from surveys on the awareness and utility of various types of metrics to researchers; the uptake of altmetrics by academic publishers; and an update from the Reproducibility Initiative on its work with the Center for Open Science. Attendees will gain practical insights on how advances in this rapidly growing area will affect their work.
Moderator: William Gunn, Mendeley


Todd Carpenter, National Information Standards Organization
Todd Carpenter is Executive Director of the National Information Standards Organization (NISO), a non-profit industry trade association that fosters the development and maintenance of standards that facilitate the creation, persistent management, and effective interchange of information used in publishing, research, and learning. Throughout his career, Todd has served in a variety of roles with organizations that connected the publisher and library communities. Prior to joining NISO, Todd had been Director of Business Development with BioOne. He has held management positions at The Johns Hopkins University Press, the Energy Intelligence Group, and the Haworth Press. Todd is active on twitter @TAC_NISO and blogs regularly as a member of the Scholarly Kitchen. He also serves the Society of Scholarly Publishing as its Secretary/Treasurer.
Elizabeth Iorns, Science Exchange
Dr. Elizabeth Iorns is co-founder and CEO of Science Exchange, the marketplace for scientific collaboration, where researchers can order experiments from the world’s best labs. The mission of Science Exchange is to improve the quality and efficiency of scientific research by using market-based incentives to promote collaboration between scientists. She has a Ph.D. in Cancer Biology from the Institute of Cancer Research in London, and a Post Doctorate in Cancer Biology from the University of Miamis Miller School of Medicine. She has received a range of honors, including the 2012 Kauffman Foundation Emerging Entrepreneur Award, Nature Magazines Ten People Who Mattered in 2012, and is a graduate of the Y Combinator Summer 2011 program. Based on her own experiences as a young investigator seeking expert collaborations, Dr. Iorns co-founded Science Exchange. In 2012, after recognizing the need to create a positive incentive system that rewards independent validation of results, Dr. Iorns created the Reproducibility Initiative.
Michael Habib, Elsevier B.V.
As Senior Product Manager for Elsevier’s Scopus, Michael is currently focused on altmetrics, author profiling, and Mendeley integration. He also serves as an ORCID Ambassador and on the NISO Alternative Metrics Initiative Steering Committee. Prior to joining Elsevier, he worked at the print-on-demand publisher Lulu.com. Having previously worked in both public and academic libraries and holding an MS in Library Science from UNC-Chapel Hill, Michael’s background is in library services. (Twitter @habib + orcid.org/0000-0002-8860-7565)
Euan Adie, Altmetric LLP
Euan Adie is the founder of Altmetric, a data science start up based in London that helps publishers, funders and institutions explore the wider online impact of their work. Before that he was a senior product manager at Nature Publishing Group, where he looked after products ranging from an online reference manager to NPG’s mobile apps. Originally a computer scientist, Euan became interested in STM publishing and the concept of post-publication review after working as a bioinformatics researcher at the University of Edinburgh. Between 2005 and 2009 he ran postgenomic.com, which aggregated blog posts written by life scientists about published scholarly articles.