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2014 SSP 36th Annual Meeting

Concurrent 4D: Preparing for Tomorrows Stakeholders Today…

Stakeholder Perspectives
Concurrent 4D: Preparing for Tomorrows Stakeholders Today: Wear it, Map it, Augment it!

Weve had our hands full with new formats, new distribution channels, new enrichments, but where do we go from here? Wearable computers, geo-location services, and augmented reality will change the way we create and consume content, and the time to prepare is now. Learn how Google Glass is changing education and research across all disciplines. Find out how geo-mapping services will increase discovery of content and enable new collaboration initiatives. Explore how layers of data will enrich content, improve user experience, and change how we live day to day. From augmented to diminished reality, from heads up displays to internal sensors, the Internet of Things will connect content to people in ways weve not yet begun to imagine.
Moderator: David Smith, The IET


Alison Hagger, The IET
Alison Haggar joined The IET in 2008, initially as their International Accreditation Manager and latterly, having initiated and managed a project to design and build an online accreditation system, as Senior Product Manager responsible for creating a new business line based on semantic enrichment technologies and Inspec. Prior to this she held various product management, product marketing and business development roles at Cisco Systems, 3Com and Madge Networks as well as working as an embedded software engineer after initially leaving university. Alison holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Computer Science from the University of York. She is based at The IETs Stevenage office.
Heather Staines, SIPX, Inc.
Heather Ruland Staines is Vice President Publisher Development at SIPX (formerly Stanford Intellectual Property Exchange) where she is exploring the nexus of academic publishing, library technology, and the future of eLearning. Prior to SIPX, she worked for Springer, as Senior Manager eOperations and Global eProduct Manager SpringerLink. Active in many industry groups, Heather currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Society for Scholarly Publishers, the ALA ALCTS CRS Education, Research, and Publications Committee, the STM Futurelab Committee, and the planning committee for Academic Publishing Europe (APE). She is a Google Glass Explorer, and she holds a Ph.D. in History from Yale University.
David Smith, Institute of Engineering and Technology
David traded life as a scientist for a life in publishing some 12 years ago. His formative experiences were at Current Science Group (In-House Editor) and then BioMed Central (Web Manager). He joined CABI in 2001 (first as a Publishing Editor and then Managing Editor). He is now Head of Innovation for the Plantwise initiative that CABI is spearheading. http://www.cabi.org/?site=170&page=2912

Jason Karl, JournalMap
Jason Karl is the creator of JournalMap – a web application that maps geotagged scientific literature based on where studies were conducted. Through his research and outreach as a scientist with the US Department of Agriculture, Jason saw that discovery of scientific knowledge was limited because there were no efficient ways to search for scientific literature geographically or analyze geographic patterns of knowledge. JournalMap was developed to meet these needs, and has quickly grown beyond the domains of agriculture and environmental science to applications across many science fields.
Adam Jay Harrison, World in Flux
Jay Harrison is a former US Government senior executive and change agent who achieved the distinction of being awarded an unprecedented three consecutive Army Greatest Invention awards for his contributions to technology innovation in the public sector. Following his public service, Jay built one of the fastest growing aerospace and defense technology companies in the U.S., Mav6 LLC. He is now co-founder and CEO of World in Flux, a Toronto-based company that is building the first true read-write, Augmented Reality-based publishing platform.