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2014 SSP 36th Annual Meeting

Concurrent 2E: Gaining Customer Insight through Contextual Inquiry…

Concurrent 2E: Gaining Customer Insight through Contextual Inquiry: Do as I do, Not as I Say

Market research is both a learning process and an effort to collaborate with your end-users to betterunderstand their actions and activities. Contextual Inquiry is an observational approach that allows organizations to document customer activities as they utilize products and services within their daily workflow. Through this process, user behavior, competitive landscape, potential business models, as well as content and service opportunities can all be better understood, evaluated, and built into new product development efforts and existing product improvements. Whether your organization is looking to enhance your online platform, launch a new publication, or evaluate an existing product or service, Contextual Inquiry provides real world use case information. In this session, representativesfrom different publishing organizations will discuss their experience incorporating Contextual Inquiry research into their development processes. Panelists will describe their use of Contextual Inquiry and provide first-hand accounts of how this assessment tool informed their development decisions and strategic direction.
Moderator: Bonnie Gruber, Delta Think


Chris Burghardt, Thomson Reuters
Christopher Burghardt is Vice President, Product & Market Strategy within the Scientific & Scholarly Research business unit, based in the Philadelphia office. He is responsible for the product strategy and development for the Web of Science and associated scientific and research databases. He also oversees content selection and editorial policy for journals, books, conference proceedings, and research data sets. Chris serves on the Board of Directors for the National Federation of Advanced Information Services, a non-profit organization for those who create, aggregate, organize, and provide access to information. Chris holds a BA from Villanova University in Villanova, PA and an MBA from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.
Kate Lawrence, EBSCO Information Services
Kate is an experienced user researcher focused on the intersection of people and technology. Her passion is unearthing the “whys” of user behavior; asking questions and making observations as humans interact with the digital world all around us. Kate spent the first part of her career in health care, then took a sojourn into online travel, and is now satisfying her inner librarian as Director of User Research for EBSCO Information Services, the leading provider of online databases. Twitter@bykatelawrence