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2014 SSP 36th Annual Meeting

Luncheon Roundtable Discussions

Roundtable Discussion topics to include:

Table 1: Libraries: Innovative Uses of Space

Table 2: Market trends: Brazil

Table 3: Market trends: China

Table 4: New Technology Startups in Publishing

Table 5: Session spotlight: Expanding Public Access to the Results of Federally Funded Research: A Progress Report (2A, Publishing 101)

Table 6: Session spotlight: Expanding the Possible: Whats New and Upcoming in Standards and Technologies for Publishing (1A, Publishing 101)

Table 7: Session spotlight: Making Digital Pay: How Publishers Are (Or Are NOT) Making the Return on Their Digital Investments (3B, Innovations)

Table 8: Session spotlight: Making Innovation Happen (1B, Innovations)

Table 9: Session spotlight: Much Ado about Mobile: Making Mobile Product Development Choices (1C, Solutions)

Table 10: Session spotlight: The 21st Century Data-Driven Digital Publisher (4E, Data)

Table 11: Session spotlight: The Continuum from Publishers to Data Repositories: Models to Support Seamless Scholarship (1E, Data)

Table 12: Session spotlight: Watch, Listen, Learn: Publishing Multimedia Materials (2C, Solutions)

Table 13: SSP Chapter?: Boston

Table 14: Stakeholder Perspectives: Librarians

Table 15 – 20: Open topic

You do not need to participate in a discussion group to have lunch. Seating will be provided in the room for lunch and networking.