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2009 IN Meeting

September 23-25, 2009, Providence, RI

Interact, Inspire, Innovate

Introducing the SSP “IN” Conference to engage the scholarly publishing leaders of today and tomorrow

How is your organization staying competitive in today’s unprecedented environment of disruptive change and economic challenge? Are you taking advantage of opportunities to create new revenue streams with your existing content and your current infrastructure? What new ideas are worth investing in on tight budgets? How are the “rising stars” within your organization being challenged and motivated to support the success of your business in years to come?

SSP is pleased to offer a new kind of conference designed to challenge thought processes, stimulate broad thinking across the industry, and provide a framework for approaching innovation in scholarly publishing.

The first IN Conference will be held at the Hotel Providence in Providence, RI on September 23-25, 2009. The conference is designed to engage all attendees in small group discussions focused on some of the key challenges and opportunities in scholarly publishing. Participants will have a unique opportunity to interact with colleagues, think critically about approaches to problems, and return home with new ideas and strategies that can be applied in the context of their organizations.

Program Overview

There are a few aspects of the SSP IN program that may immediately strike you as different from other conferences:

First, the conference program requires your active participation. You will be responsible for the direction, pace, and outcome of the conference.

Second, there will only be two traditional conference sessions (a keynote address on both Wednesday and Thursday). The rest of the conference revolves around organizational “persona.” Each attendee of SSP IN will be assigned a persona organization (e.g. a scientific society, a commercial publisher, a search engine, a social network) and will participate in the conference from the perspective of that persona.

Third, the conference actually begins in advance of September 23rd via an online Wiki. In the weeks preceding the conference, participants will use the SSP IN Conference Wiki to explore supporting materials, review persona dossiers, and contribute their thoughts about the forces shaping the future of scholarly publishing. Your mission? Become familiar with the supplied background material and come to Providence prepared to discuss the disruptive trends impacting our industry.