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2010 IN Meeting

September 21-23, 2010, Philadelphia, PA

Imagining the “Dream E-Tool” for Education and Training

This year’s IN Conference focuses on the impact of scholarly content in the classroom, allowing publishers and other industry stakeholders to develop a current knowledge of the latest teaching technologies in a series of interactive sessions. Over three days, attendees at the IN 2010 Conference will interact with colleagues, think critically how their content can be highly valued by the e-learner, and return home with cutting-edge ideas and strategies that can be applied in the context of their organizations. To foster the spirit of innovation and inspiration, attendees will look at e-learning from a variety of perspectives by adopting personas including those who utilize electronic resources, those who create content, and those who are responsible for delivering information to e-learning devices.

Electronic learning tools are developing in a variety of applications for different learning environments. In small, interactive groups, conference attendees will brainstorm and collaborate with publishing innovators in addressing the following:

  • What does it take to transform an electronic device into a classroom?
  • How can scholarly publishers and content producers optimize their products in the world of electronic deliverables?
  • What can content creators learn from librarians, students, and faculty about the successful integration of e-learning tools?
  • In this new world of education, how will the roles of librarians, faculty, content producers, and even students change?