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04.15.2024 | SSP News & Releases

Industry Breakout Sessions Kickoff 46th Annual Meeting

I like the industry breakout sessions at SSP’s Annual Meeting because I learn more about each organization and what they do than I can by visiting their website or exhibit booth. In industry breakout sessions, the speakers talk about what they do and how it works in practice. To the surprise of no one, Wednesday is full of excellent-looking sessions. It will take a lot of work to choose which to attend! Longer descriptions of many sessions are in the SSP Annual Meeting Program.

Kicking off at noon, we have:

  • Highwire Press: Publishing Systems that Enable Collaboration and Build Community
    Highwire Press will discuss how a modern, modular microservice-based workflow system can be designed to encourage collaboration and enable human interaction and show how the publishing process can be a community activity rather than a set of serially siloed tasks. They’ll also show a system that can easily integrate automated microservices, enabling skilled publishing professionals to participate.
  • Copyright Clearance Center: Data in the Driver’s Seat: Using Data to Steer Your OA Business Strategy
    Copyright Clearance Center will share the feedback they hear directly from publishers who are investing in new business models and highlight questions publishers ask when considering new models, identify data points that can help answer those questions, and showcase new technology to help you leverage your data to better understand the best road forward.
  • Digital Science: Writefull: Manuscript Analysis Tools to Publish Better in Less Time
    Writefull provides a collection of AI-based tools that analyze submissions to help the author and publisher improve the quality and speed of publication. Writefull Revise and Writefull’s Language technologies help authors and copy editors evaluate and quickly enhance the language of manuscripts before or after submission. Writefull’s Manuscript Categorization API scores and categorizes manuscripts based on language quality to triage submitted manuscripts, assign copyeditors, and more. Writefull also has a metadata extraction tool that automatically populates key fields at submission, eliminating time and error potential.

Followed by at 12:45 pm:

  • Virtusales: Technological Catalyst: Embracing Technology for Books and Journals in Scholarly Publishing
    Join MF Gydus (MIT Press) in conversation with Rodney Elder (Virtusales Publishing Solutions) as they discuss implementing BiblioSuite publishing software in detail. They will cover the full publishing lifecycle from acquisitions and product management through digital asset workflow and production to contracts, rights, royalties, and sales analysis. This session will showcase the range of solutions available within BiblioSuite and shed light on the motivations behind this ambitious project.
  • Wiley: Building a Best-in-Class Workflow: Auditing, Streamlining, Standardizing
    Wiley will present case studies highlighting key steps for making workflows more efficient and streamlined, presenting systems and workflow standardizations that have been used to set journals up for success and improve the overall author experience.
  • Hum: Good Data: The Most Important Ingredient for AI
    Hum helps publishers access and use advanced intelligence where identity and behavior intersect by revolutionizing how they collect, connect, and activate high-value first-party data. This session will discuss practical ways to harness data intelligence to understand readers, authors, and content more intimately and explore case studies showing how data can be used to deliver.

After a 15-minute break and starting at 1:30 pm:

  • SiteFusion ProConsult: Optimizing Scholarly Publishing Workflows: A Deep Dive into BPMN for Journals
    This comprehensive exploration will showcase a highly configurable BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) workflow engine that optimizes concurrent journal article editorial and production processes. Learn how automation facilitates critical tasks, including copyediting, file format conversions, citation validation, task alerts, content classification, and product transformations and deliveries.
  • Kriyadocs: Help Your Authors Put Their Best Foot Forward
    Kriyadocs will delve into the symbiotic relationship between publishers and authors, emphasizing the role of technology in optimizing the author submission process. By leveraging innovative and intuitive tools to enhance the quality of submissions, Kriyadocs empowers publishers to help their authors put their best foot forward.
  • Cadmore: Are Online Events the Next Scholarly Content Type? A Case Study with the American Medical Association
    Discover how the American Medical Association, in partnership with Cadmore Media, has developed and is growing AMA Broadcast. This online event management platform allows the society to run highly successful webinar programs with high production value, sophisticated moderation tools, and powerful workflows, from scheduling to final on-demand publication.
  • Access Innovations, Inc.: Supercharge Your AI
    Access Innovations will share some insights on supercharging your AI in this packed presentation. Starting with some definitions and things you probably forgot about how computing – especially AI – works, Access Innovations will walk you through some tried-and-true techniques for improving AI, giving you several “aha!” moments and actionable insight to take back to your organization.

At 2:15 pm, get ready to enjoy these:

  • TNQ Technologies: The Coordinated Dance Between AI and Human-Intelligence for Optimal Outcomes
    Without going much into philosophy and using practical examples as well as real-life experiences and perspectives through audience interaction, TNQ Technologies will discuss why human involvement remains indispensable in achieving superior results and what could be some metrics, indicators, and quality benchmarks to make informed decisions on when to trust AI outputs and where to inject human expertise for best efficiency and quality.
  • KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd.: Leveraging Bibliometric Data for Strategic Growth: Publisher Use Cases
    KGL Consulting will introduce use cases of organizations that have harnessed bibliometric data to inform and optimize their growth strategies. Speakers will explain in practical terms how they have used different bibliometric reports to understand their journal or portfolio’s market position, uncover and reach underrepresented areas and groups, and identify high-potential opportunities to improve their journal or portfolio’s reach and value.
  • Newgen: Reimagining the Vendor-Publisher Service Relationship: The Case for Vested Publishing Services
    Newgen can support any and every aspect of your publishing business. Typically, publishers pay for these services. However, this case study will explore two unique cases, along with examples from other publisher clients, where publishers have partnered with Newgen on a revenue-sharing basis to deliver mission-critical services.
  • Silverchair: The Technology Trends Transforming Publishing Platforms
    Silverchair will share how their platform has evolved, tactics publishers can adopt to make their site more future-proof, and how they’ve collaborated with customers to anticipate the impact of new technology trends. From ‘containerless content’ to AI experiments, we’ll explore the changing roles of platforms in today’s scholarly publishing ecosystem. The Silverchair team will share how technology trends influence platform development and explore potential futures in a focus group-style discussion.

And wrapping up starting at 3:00 pm:

  • Molecular Connections Pvt. Ltd.: Society Publishers, Let’s Give Our Members What Content They Want, Rather Than Just What You Have and In Turn Create a Novel Revenue Model
    OrthoSearch today boasts 390,000 documents across ~8 content types, including journal articles, preprints, proceedings, videos, and standards. About 41% of mainstream content is open access; members can browse the product by any/all specialties/topics they are interested in and/or find exciting connections across topics. This one-stop portal also has a niche alerting service backed by a powerful AI-led natural language search, which delivers relevant content from multiple avenues efficiently and precisely.
  • ChronosHub: One Author Experience, Many Underlying Systems
    Discover how the ChronosHub platform can sit on top of existing legacy systems to provide one coherent platform for author interactions throughout the publishing process, from submissions to the signing of author licenses and processing payments. Featuring modern, user-centric designs and configurations and integrations with other systems in the workflow, such as peer review, production, and publication.
  • Deanta: Trends in Academic Publishing 2024
    Patrick Shafe will be joined on stage by two leading USA publishers. The panelists will discuss the key findings from the 2024 Trends in Academic Publishing Survey and examine the ways in which publishers are adopting technologies to support their push for independence.
  • Clarivate: Solutions to Identify, Attract and Retain Authors
    Clarivate offers solutions that help build, engage, and retain a community of trusted authors and reviewers. Learn more about how Web of Science, Web of Science Author Connect, and ScholarOne Manuscripts can help grow the ability to identify, attract, and retain authors in today’s competitive landscape.

Phew! As if that wasn’t enough, there are still three Industry Breakout Sessions up for grabs! Organizers may share information about a product or service, but sessions will be most effective if they present case studies/use cases, customer testimonials, timely information about industry issues, best practices, innovative solutions to everyday challenges, roundtable discussions, etc. Contact Kristen Totaro, SSP’s Industry Relations Associate, for more information.

See you in Boston!

News contribution by SSP member Heather Kotula, who says she’s having trouble choosing which ones to attend because they all sound good! Heather is the President and CEO of Access Innovations, Inc.

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