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02.21.2018  |  SSP News & Releases

Connecting in Small Groups: The Peer Networks Pilot Program

We are delighted to announce the pilot of a new Peer Networks Program. This follows feedback from a SSP member survey where more networking opportunities and the development of communities for specific interest groups were rated highly on the list of desirable programs. The Peer Networks Pilot Program addresses the need for small group interaction within the SSP community and the professional development of members through education, collaboration, and networking. We hope you agree!

We would like to invite you to participate in one of the pilot groups of the Peer Networks Program—see details below. Simply apply online and we will be in touch.

Benefits of the Peer Networks Program

Here are some of the benefits of peer networking groups. You will be able to:

  • Share ideas and learn from your peers from different organizations, countries, cultures, functional areas, type of publishing and disciplines.
  • Address issues, tackle challenges, and explore new areas.
  • Develop small group participation and facilitation skills that you can bring back to your organizations.

How it Works

Each Peer Network group will be organized around a specific interest area, led by a trained facilitator, and will run for a defined period of time, in this case, 4 months. The groups will consist of between 5-15 members, and the meetings will be conducted via phone, in person if practical, or via the C3 online collaboration platform available to SSP members. Each group defines its own charter and communication expectations, within the guidelines of SSP’s Code of Conduct.

Pilot Groups

We are piloting the Peer Networks Program with the following 5 groups. These groups will begin in April 1 2018 and run for four months.  At the conclusion of the pilot, pending positive outcomes, SSP members will be able to suggest new groups and volunteer to facilitate them.  Volunteer facilitators will be provided with training and resources to ensure ongoing success of the program. For full descriptions of each group, visit the Peer Networks webpage.

Exploring New Markets: Brazil

Facilitator: Alvaro Bussab, Caboverde Tecnologia e Servicos Ltd.

Equality in Scholarly Publishing: Explorations in Diversity

Facilitator: Carol Anne Meyer, Aries Systems

Early Career

Facilitator: Jamie Wielgus, Wiley

Small Organization Self Publishers

Facilitator: Traci S. Nolte, Society of Teachers of Family Medicine

Book Publishers Unite!

Facilitator: Jeff Mahony, American Academy of Pediatrics

Apply Now

If you are interested in joining one of the 5 pilot Peer Networks groups, you can learn more on our website. Applications are being accepted online through March 6. Program participants must be SSP members and there are no additional fees to participate. Participants will complete a series of feedback exercises at the conclusion of the pilot to help improve and enhance the program for future groups.

We look forward to welcoming you to the new Peer Networks community.

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