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02.14.2018  |  SSP News & Releases

Website launched to celebrate 40 years of SSP

The Society for Scholarly Publishing, through the 40th Anniversary Task Force, has launched a new microsite for 2018 to celebrate SSP’s 40th anniversary. Visit the site today at forty.sspnet.org.

As part of a year-long celebration, the website will feature photos, documents, and news from SSP’s archives as well as interviewers with long time members of the SSP community.

“You can enjoy content posted by friends and colleagues as we all have a walk down memory lane,” says SSP President Jennifer Pesanelli. “With a 40-year-long history, SSP has many great times to reflect on, and we hope you will contribute to and delight in the sharing of these experiences.”

New posts will be made regularly and will rely on content gathered by the SSP community. Dropbox folders have been created to allow community members to share and upload content upload content. Please add to the collection and visit the site throughout the year for a look at some of SSP’s best moments throughout the years.

And please! Remember to mark your calendars for the SSP 40th Annual Meeting  in Chicago, May 30 to June 1, where new memories and experiences will carry SSP through another 40 years.

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