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09.08.2017 | Member News & Releases

Editage covers the Eighth International Congress on Peer Review and Scientific Publishing

September 8, 2017 – Philadelphia, PA – Editage is covering real-time discussions from The Eighth International Congress on Peer Review and Scientific Publication in Chicago between September 10 and 12. In addition to exhibiting their new Peer review training courses and Research communications services at their booth, Editage will cover the event from a journalistic perspective and share daily reports with their large community of authors and journals in Asia. The congress, which takes place once in four years, will discuss the problems, improvements, and innovations in the Peer Review System and is the perfect way to kick-off Peer Review week (September 11-17).

Organized by The JAMA Network, The BMJ, and the Meta-research Innovation Center at Stanford (METRICS), the Eighth International Congress on Peer Review and Scientific Publishing will discuss the future direction for the Peer Review System. It is also a great chance for people to present their abstracts and posters about scientific publishing and peer review. Editage will be listening to all the sessions and discussions and will share important developments and trending conversations with Asian journals and authors.

Donald Samulack, President U.S. Operations, Editage, explained their involvement in the event, “We are excited to showcase results of our global author survey via a poster at the International Congress. Our coverage of sessions and discussions at the Congress will also be extremely valuable to our community of authors and journals in Asia.” Editage aims to help scholars break through the confines of geography and language, bridge the gap between authors and peer-reviewed journals, and accelerate the process of publishing high-quality research. Editage is taking a significant step toward bridging this gap by sharing the voice of authors about the peer review and scientific publishing system with an audience comprising prominent figures in the scientific community.

Please follow Editage on LinkedIn and Twitter for live coverage of sessions from the Eighth International Congress on Peer Review and Scientific Publishing.

About Editage – Founded in 2002, Editage (a division of Cactus Communications) is a global scholarly communications company with offices in Japan, China, South Korea, India, and the United States. Employing a global in-house workforce of over 600, Editage has served over 200,000 authors and edited close to 750,000 papers across 1,200 disciplines to date. In addition to offering high-end scientific communication solutions, Editage is actively involved in author education through its comprehensive author resources site Editage Insights. Please visit www.editage.com to learn more.

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