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09.08.2017 | Member News & Releases

Westchester Publishing Services announces agreement with The MIT Press

September 8, 2017 – Danbury, CT – Westchester Publishing Services announced today that it has reached an agreement with The MIT Press, the university press affiliated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, MA.  Under the agreement, Westchester will be providing U.S.-based editorial services and offshore composition (typesetting) services for many of the books published each year by The MIT Press. Westchester’s market leading U.S. production editorial staff and network of U.S. copyeditors, as well as its offshore composition operation that handles complex content including LaTeX book production, were critical factors for The MIT Press in selecting Westchester to handle its pre-press production work. Westchester effectively becomes an extension of The MIT Press publishing operation, thus allowing internal resources at the Press to focus on other aspects of the book editorial and production process, and expand capacity to grow its list. The MIT Press was founded in 1932, and publishes over 200 titles each year.

“In seeking a vendor to handle our pre-press editorial and composition work, it was our first priority to find a provider who has a long and proven track record of delivering top quality U.S.-based editorial services to ensure our books are handled with the same care and attention as we would give them. We are confident we have found those unique qualities in the Danbury, CT-based Westchester editorial services team led by Susan Baker,” commented Brent Oberlin, Director of Finance and Operations at the Press.

“Westchester is honored to have been selected by The MIT Press to handle pre-press production for their annual list of prestigious titles”, commented Paul J. Crecca, President at Westchester.  Director of Business Development, Tyler M. Carey, added, “The MIT Press performed a thorough evaluation of our capabilities for copyediting, project management, and the handling of complex composition scenarios including LaTeX content.  Westchester’s staff feel the resulting work is the product of a true partnership that is allowing us to both grow our capabilities.  We look forward to continued work with the Press for years to come.”

About Westchester Publishing Services – Founded in 1969, Westchester Publishing Services is the only U.S. employee-owned company concentrating in editorial, composition, and digital conversion services. Westchester Publishing Services has been a trusted partner to the U.S. publishing industry for decades with clients including Macmillan, Harvard University Press, W.W. Norton, and Bloomsbury. In 2014, Westchester Publishing Services became a 100% employee-owned company through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). In 2017, Westchester Publishing Services launched a new division, Westchester K-12 Publishing Services to serve the needs of educational publishers.

For information about our expanded offerings, please contact: Tyler M. Carey, Director of Business Development at Westchester Publishing Services, at: 203-658-6581 or tyler.carey@westchesterpubsvcs.com. Further information is also available at: www.westchesterpublishingservices.com.

About The MIT Press – One of the largest and most distinguished university presses in the world, The MIT Press is known for bold design and creative technology, and its commitment to re-imagining university based publishing. The Press advances knowledge by publishing significant works in the arts and sciences from leading educators and researchers around the globe for the broadest possible access, impact, and audience. MIT Press books and journals feature iconic, provocative, and transformative scholarship that crosses traditional academic and geographic boundaries and honors real-world complexity. 


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