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09.10.2015 | SSP News & Releases

Fall Seminar Preview – New Technology Developments for Content Discovery, Delivery, & Reporting

Interested in learning about the latest technical advancements publishers and vendors are incorporating to improve the scholarly research experience? Sign up for the Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP)’s annual fall seminar “New Technology Developments for Content Discovery, Delivery, & Reporting” to be held on Wednesday Sep 16, 2015. This is the second session of the seminar series held from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM at the American Geophysical Union in Washington D.C.

Moderators Tom Beyer, Director of Platform Services, Safari Books Online and Jeff Lang, Sr. Platform Manager, ACS have arranged for a fantastic panel for this session. Jennie Rose Halperin is the Product Engagement Manager at Safari Books Online and is passionate about storytelling, qualitative research, and data-driven solutions for online community growth. Liesa Ross is the Sr. Marketing Manager at ACS Publishing and has extensive experience in marketing communications, relationship management, and developing brand strategies and integrated marketing plans. Rob McGrath is the Co-founder & CEO of ReadCube, a software company dedicated to improving the pace of scientific discovery. Victoria Rao is the Analytical Product Manager at Elsevier and works on developing innovative approaches for scientific research workflow solutions.

The panel will throw light on new projects and products on the horizon. Watch demonstrations of the latest and upcoming features of new tools publishers and vendors are using. Learn how these will enable researchers discover and read scholarly research. Uncover how publishers are using these latest developments to improve their internal metrics and reporting the insights gained from their publishing platforms.

We asked Tom to elaborate a little bit more about the session.

What can attendees expect from this seminar on new technology developments?

This seminar should give some insight into a variety of new tools and techniques publishers are using to enhance the scholarly research experience through better data and outreach. The seminar will cover new techniques publishers are using to understand their users better and opportunities to understand them even better in the future.

Tell us a little about this group of panelists. How were they selected?

We tried to pick speakers from a variety of publishers and publishing services vendors. They each have a perspective on how data supports connections with scholarly researchers.  

Are there any topics in particular you hope the panelists will address during the seminar?

We hope that this seminar will provide practical advice on new technologies and techniques that can be of immediate use for publishers. We think our panelists represent forward thinkers and can show new technologies that are of real use to both end users and the publishers themselves.

What would you like attendees to take away from this seminar?

We hope that the technologies and techniques shown spark a good conversation about the role of user engagement tools and the value of different engagement metrics.

Visit here to sign up for the “New Technology Developments for Content Discovery, Delivery, & Reporting” session and learn about the Fall seminars.

By Kuntan Dhanoya, Communications Committee

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