CCC Virtual Town Hall – “Thinking Beyond the Crisis: Building Digital Resiliency”

Tuesday, May 5, 2020 | 10:00 EDT | 15:00 BST | 16:00 CEST
Virtual Town Hall

“Thinking Beyond the Crisis: Building Digital Resiliency” will focus on the exceptional work global publishers in every field are doing to make the shift seamlessly to a digital environment. The program will share insights on how to confront business challenges caused by the coronavirus emergency and offer direction to look beyond the crisis and envision the shape of an industry transformed.

An audience of publishers across genres will:
•       Learn how organizations are seeing beyond the crisis to identify opportunities, leverage new technologies and ultimately create and embrace a transformed digital industry.
•       Discover trends that industry experts are learning from publishers as they work to build digital resiliency.
•       Engage with a broad set of publishing colleagues to share the experiences the industry is confronting today.
•       Share expectations and plans to navigate the new reality.

Guest speakers will include:
•       Tatiana Khayrullina, Director & Lead Analyst, Scientific and Technical Solutions, Outsell, Inc.
•       Colin Lovrinovic, Founder, Gould Finch
•       Carl Robinson, Senior Director, CCC Publisher Solutions

“The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting every aspect of our lives while rewriting the rules for business, academia, engineering, publishing and the media,” said Tracey Armstrong, President and CEO, CCC. “Copyright Clearance Center acknowledges the remarkable work that publishers have done to adjust to this new reality nearly overnight.”

CCC recently announced its Education Continuity License to enable creative approaches to remote teaching and distance learning made necessary by the pandemic as a result of educators across the U.S. asking questions about using copyrighted content and materials in innovative new ways to support distance learning. In response, CCC coordinated with its community of rightsholders to authorize the use of their materials at no cost by educators as required by the pandemic during this time of emergency. CCC is not delivering educational materials or content to educators; it is offering this new license to authorize U.S. school districts, educators, parents and others to make immediate additional uses of materials that they have previously lawfully acquired.

To accelerate sharing of knowledge and ease online learning, CCC is continually updating its resource page of educational resources open for K-12 and higher education during the COVID-19 crisis. CCC recognizes publishing and other information organizations for contributing to the common good by providing access to relevant COVID-19 content and created this living list to amplify the availability of open-to-read material. CCC has also gathered data visualizations, dashboards, and datasets related to COVID-19. Access those resources here.

CCC’s Statement on Business Continuity During the COVID-19 Crisis
CCC operates globally and has a well-established, detailed Business Continuity Plan as part of its rigorous SOC2 (Type 2) and ISO 27001 compliance programs. CCC is taking COVID-19 seriously and recognizes that it has and will continue to cause substantial business disruption.
CCC operations continue uninterrupted. Its products and services are fully available and global customer support teams continue to provide outstanding service.

CCC puts the health and safety of its customers, staff and families above all else. It has taken prophylactic steps to mitigate risk of infection and to provision for continuous, uninterrupted service. It placed restrictions on all business travel and has enabled employees to work from home. CCC employees are prepared to work from home for an extended period without compromising established security protocols or impacting productivity.

CCC’s leadership receives a daily briefing, aggregating essential developments from numerous organizations including the World Health Organization (WHO), CDC, local governments and relevant health authorities. It continues to follow expert guidance and implement recommendations as appropriate.