DCL Learning Series – “Deciphering the Tower of Babel: Information on The Language Metadata Table”

Thursday, May 21, 2020 | 12:00-12:45 pm EDT

The need for consistently structured language codes across all industries is increasing, and the Language Metadata Table (LMT) can meet those needs. The LMT provides a standards-based construct for the exchange of ideas and expertise in the language meta(data)verse.

The LMT contains standardized language codes and adheres to IETF BCP 47, which is a combination of codes from other standards, including ISO 639, ISO 3166, and UN M.49. The LMT was originally conceived at WarnerMedia/HBO for the media and entertainment space and is being adopted as the language code solution across that industry.

This informative session provides the background history and business drivers behind the creation of the LMT as well as its current state. MESAlliance (Media and Entertainment Support Alliance) and SMPTE (Society for Motion Pictures and Television Engineers) sponsor the LMT, which was launched in 2018. The LMT Working Group focuses on LMT adoption, engagement, and collaboration among content creators such as studios and TV networks, and their service provider partners.  Other groups are also expressing interest in LMT as it provides consistent language codes for audio, text, and sign languages.

Organizations that manage any media assets can benefit from the LMT:
– Books:  Audio, digital, print
– Printed material
– Pronunciation guides
– Videos
– And more