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02.06.2018 | Member News & Releases

Inera Inc. Announces eXtyles Metadata Extraction Technology

February 6, 2018 – Belmont, MA – Inera Inc., the leading provider of editorial and XML software for scholarly and technical publishers, today announced the release of eXtyles Metadata Extraction Technology, designed to integrate with manuscript submission systems, preprint servers, repositories, and STM production workflows to accurately identify and mark up metadata from unstructured text in author-supplied Word files.

“Inera has long been known for providing sophisticated bibliographic reference parsing and linking technology to scholarly publishers,” said Inera CEO Bruce Rosenblum. “We have now applied those same artificial intelligence techniques to the challenge of automatically extracting highly accurate metadata from unstructured Microsoft Word manuscripts submitted to journals and repositories.”

eXtyles Metadata Extraction Technology simplifies the process of ingesting Word manuscripts. Instead of requiring authors to manually enter article metadata into multiple complex forms, a time-consuming and error-prone process, eXtyles uses artificial intelligence to analyze the document, extract the article title, author names, affiliations, abstract, keywords, and bibliographic references, and convert this metadata into richly tagged JATS XML. This XML can then be ingested into a database in parallel with the manuscript, significantly shortening submission times for authors.

eXtyles Metadata Extraction Technology automatically accounts for wide variations and inconsistencies in how authors prepare manuscripts, identifying and marking up metadata with a high degree of accuracy in a broad range of situations. For busy editorial offices, automatic extraction of accurate metadata at the submission stage means less staff time spent on cross-checking and correcting metadata at later stages of the publication workflow.

Editorial Manager 14.1 from Aries Systems integrates this new eXtyles technology. “Integrating the eXtyles Metadata Extraction Technology into our new Editorial Manager author submission interface is a big step forward,” said Jennifer Fleet, Director of Strategic Client Solutions at Aries Systems. “This new technology allows Editorial Manager to automatically populate submission steps for the author and streamlines the process for them. We are so happy to have partnered with Inera on this innovation.”

The combination of shorter submission times and greater metadata accuracy adds up to a better experience for authors, reviewers, and editorial and production staff, and directly addresses how publishers can focus on meeting the goals of the Metadata 2020 initiative.

About Inera – Inera is widely recognized as a global leader in publishing technology. Since 1992, Inera’s seasoned team of publishing and software professionals has pooled a unique set of skills to bring transformational change to the publishing industry. We develop and license the eXtyles family of Word-based editorial and XML tools, and the Edifix online bibliographic reference solution. Publishers of scholarly journals and books, standards, and government documents worldwide rely on Inera’s software solutions to drive modern electronic and print publication workflows.

About Aries – Aries Systems transforms the way scholarly publishers bring high-value content to the world. The company’s innovative and forward-looking workflow solutions manage the complexities of modern print and electronic publishing—from submission, to editorial management and peer review, to production tracking and publishing channel distribution. Aries Systems is committed to delivering solutions that help publishers and scholars enhance the discovery and dissemination of human knowledge.


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