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01.18.2018 | SSP News & Releases

January Issue of Learned Publishing dedicated to Accessibility in Publishing

Happy New Year!

We are especially excited to share the first issue of Learned Publishing in 2018, dedicated entirely to accessibility in academic and professional publishing.

This special issue is a call to action, a call to elevate the conversation about what accessible publishing is and why it matters. This issue aims to demonstrate what is possible when our products and services are fully accessible to those with physical, learning, and cognitive disabilities. Our industry is now acknowledging that accessible publishing is aligned with our core mission to broadcast research and information to all our constituents, as well as realizing that making publications accessible makes them better for everybody.

The authors in this issue share the latest thinking from the accessibility community with a series of case studies from a diverse landscape of scholarly and educational publishers. From expert opinion pieces and exclusive original analysis, the voices in this issue help us consider the information experiences of those with limitations that keep them from fully engaging in the world.

As confirmed in this special issue, accessibility is no longer a fringe topic — instead, publishing in a manner that is accessible to all is central to our purpose. All articles in this special issue will be freely available throughout 2018, as we believe the articles here will be a go-to reference point for all publishers, those with committed accessibility roadmaps and those just beginning to integrate accessibility into publishing workflows. This issue represents what we can do when we come together to address why and how our community can better serve all readers.

Lettie Y. Conrad
North American Editor
Learned Publishing




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Learned Publishing Vol. 31 / Nov. 1, January 2018


Making accessibility more accessible to publishers
by Lettie Y. Conrad and Bill Kasdorf

Original articles

Evaluating e-book platforms: Lessons from the e-book accessibility audit
by Alistair McNaught, Ruth MacMullen, Sue Smith and Vicky Dobson

Why accessibility is hard and how to make it easier: Lessons from publishers
by Bill Kasdorf

Case studies

Accessibility at JSTOR: From box-checking to a more inclusive and sustainable future
by Lauren Trimble

CAL Download – an innovative approach to making books more accessible
by Jo Burges

The secrets of failing better: Accessible publishing at SAGE. A case study
by Caroline Manis and Huw Alexander

The ScienceDirect accessibility journey: A case study
by Ted Gies

Industry updates

Benetech global literacy services: Working towards a ‘born accessible’ world
by Brad Turner

Towards universal accessibility: The UK policy landscape and supporting technology
by Emma House, Richard Orme and Mark Bide

An overview of content accessibility issues experienced by educational publishers
by Frederick Bowes III

Making materials accessible to students in higher education institutes: Institutional obligations, methods of compliance, and recommendations for future action
by Jamie Axelrod

Publishing with accessibility standards from the inside out
by Madeleine Rothberg

Beyond the mandates: The far-reaching benefits of multimedia accessibility
by Violaine Iglesias

Opinion pieces

How publishing has helped and hindered me: Experiences and advice from a blind reader and publisher
by George Abbott

Do you have a broken link in your accessibility chain?
by George Kerscher

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