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07.28.2022 | SSP News & Releases

July 2022 Issue of Learned Publishing is Now Available

Learned Publishing: Volume 35, No 3, July 2022


This special themed issue is dedicated to the experiences of students and early-career researchers (ECRs) in scholarly publishing, and opportunities for increasing engagement with future scientists, instructors, and expert authors.

July’s special collection of papers has been guest edited by our own Early Career Editor, Sophie Robinson, along with guest editors, Max Steuer and Rafael Plancarte-Escobar. In this issue you will find:

• Original research: Authors explore the barriers that face emerging researchers as the consumers and producers of scholarly information, and ask: How can ECRs be encouraged to publish and participate in publishing as editors? And how can they help address the shortage of reviewers?

• Case studies: Editors, publishers, and others share their real-life experiences of working with students and early-career researchers on editorial boards and as reviewers. Some lessons learned include how student-oriented journals operate and use an ‘ethic of collaboration’ to motivate greater involvement in publishing, and how to use the untapped pool of younger scholars to support the journal publishing lifecycle.

• Opinions: A variety of authors discuss innovative approaches to journal editing and how peer review can be better used to educate students and ECRs. Perspectives on minority students’ experiences of publishing are shared and address why we should be involving more students in editing journals, including how to ensure credit is paid to junior authors and researchers.

The issue provides a wealth of evidence-based guidelines on how we might improve engagement with early career researchers and students. Pippa Smart, our Editor-in-Chief, vouches: “Every paper in this issue is worth reading!”

Lettie Y. Conrad
North American Editor
Learned Publishing

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