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2011 IN Meeting

September 18-20, 2011, Arlington, VA

Innovation, Globalization and Collaboration

Now in its third year, The SSP IN meeting was conceived of to reinvent SSP’s Top Management Roundtable using a format that promotes INspriation, INnovation, and INteractivity.

The program itself, which starts September 18th in Arlington, VA, will begin with talks by Mary Waltham and leading-edge executives on “three pillars” of modern-day publishing — globalization, innovation, and collaboration. After that, attendees will then break into smaller working teams to work through detailed publishing case studies, with expert facilitation, to:

  • Discuss and digest new information and ideas
  • Prioritize and target audience segments and their specific needs
  • Identify vehicles for viable transformative action
  • Collaboratively develop roadmaps to accomplish ground-level change

IN Meeting organizers have received input from SSP members about their strategic priorities, which has helped guide their planning. Members will have opportunities to share information and network with senior colleagues throughout the 2.5 day program. The meeting is structured to serve dual purposes: to give attendees thought-provoking, new ideas and experiences and to help them translate what they’ve heard into practical business activities – as moderator Mary Waltham has put it, steps they can take “within the first 10 days back in the office.”