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2017 SSP 39th Annual Meeting

Concurrent 2D: Defining Impact: Views from Across the Research Ecosystem

Research and Scholarship
Concurrent 2D: Defining Impact: Views from Across the Research Ecosystem

Definitions of impact in the research ecosystem are complex and multi-faceted. Measuring impact and defining which metrics matter depends on your point of view. What are important signals of impact? How do organizations surface these signals? Which metrics matter when defining success for researchers, publishers, and other organizations across the research ecosystem? This panel will explore new opportunities to increase visibility, discoverability, and the impact of research. We will consider questions about performance metrics, the dissemination of research, and the broader impact of research across disciplines and society.

Moderator: Anne T. Stone, TBI Communications
Twitter Handle: annetstone


Michael Taylor, Digital Science
Mike Taylor is Head of Metrics Development at Digital Science. Previously he was in Elsevier Labs and Elsevier’s Metrics and Analytics group. At Digital Science, he’s responsible for developing metrics and integrating them across the portfolio of companies. Mike regularly blogs and presents on a diverse range of subjects, including reproducibility and the political context of metrics and measurement. He is working toward his PhD with Professor Mike Thelwall at Wolverhampton, and in this capacity, he spends a considerable amount of time thinking about data, accessibility and ‘openness’.
Twitter Handle: herrison
Kent Anderson, RedLink
Kent R. Anderson is the CEO of RedLink and RedLink Network. He is a past-President of the Society for Scholarly Publishing and the founder of “the Scholarly Kitchen.” He has been Publisher for Science and the Science journals; CEO and Publisher for the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery; an executive in the Massachusetts Medical Society’s Publishing Division; Publishing Director for the New England Journal of Medicine; and Director of Medical Journals at the American Academy of Pediatrics. He has served on numerous boards and advisory groups across scholarly publishing, and speaks occasionally. He is an award-winning writer and designer with a BA in English and an MBA.
Twitter handle: kanderson
Thibault Honegger, CNRS
Thibault Honegger is a research scientist at CNRS at the Laboratory of Microelectronics Technologies (CNRS / University of Grenoble Alpes c/o CEA Grenoble) in the Micro and nanotechnologies for Health team. After two years at MIT, he joined the CNRS in 2014 to launch the field of microtechnologies for neuroscience at LTM. His research focuses on developing in vitro models of connectomes (brain circuits) and neurodegenerative diseases using microfluidics and 3D printing technologies. His objective is to build physiologically relevant minimalistic platforms that mimic affected or not affected brain circuits to understand the human brain and develop new treatments. He received an ERC Starting Grant in 2016. Because of his multidisciplinary experience, he launched the Peerus to help his peers find the latest relevant scientific papers in their field and identify potential collaborators.
Didi Cross, Clarivate Analytics
Di Cross is the Director of the Research Data Science & Evaluation team at Clarivate Analytics. She and her team conduct program evaluation, bibliometric analysis, research assessment & benchmarking, and portfolio analysis for funders and producers of scientific research worldwide.
Melinda Kenneway, Kudos
Melinda has worked in the scholarly communications industry for over twenty years. After completing a degree in Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford, she began her career in academic publishing working at Oxford University Press for 13 years, where she gained a board-level position as Global Marketing Director for the Journals Division. In 2004 she founded TBI Communications, a marketing agency serving academic publishers, societies and libraries. In 2013 she co-founded Kudos a web-based platform that supports the research community in increasing the discoverability and reach of their work. Melinda is a member of the editorial board of Learned Publishing, a member of ALPSP Council and Chair of the ALPSP Marketing Committee.
Twitter Handle: melindakenneway
John Sack, HighWire Press, Inc.
John Sack is one of the founders of HighWire Press and focuses on market assessment, client relations, technology innovation, and industry-forward thinking. John’s role is to determine where the technology and publishing industries are going, how one of those might leverage the other, and how HighWire can best support its customers, and its customers’ customers – the libraries, students, researchers, and clinicians they serve. John considers himself a “futurist” or “trend-spotter” in that he tries to watch what is happening in consumer and scholarly services and identify patterns that are just beginning to emerge.