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2017 SSP 39th Annual Meeting

Concurrent 2F: Knowledge Integration…

Concurrent 2F: Knowledge Integration: Breaking Down Society Information Silos and Delivering Immediately Useful Content to your Members’

In this session, we explore how societies are successfully serving their members educational and professional needs, and delivering information that will keep their readers engaged. We will take a look at how societies are breaking down the silos in their organizations and integrating the knowledge outputs from across their program areas to create new products and formats to appeal to both their membership and readership. Session attendees will learn about innovative approaches to capitalize on their existing information assets: clinical practice materials, education resources, journal and book content, meeting abstracts and courses, news and policy pieces, and more. Pulling together cross-organizational, cross-product information provides a new service of particular importance in this age of content overload. This session will demonstrate how societies and publishers can create more value and transcend traditional publication boundaries to capture and retain the attention of their target audiences.

Moderator: Dana Compton, KWF Consulting
Twitter Handle: danamcompton


Glen Campbell, BMJ
Glen Campbell joined BMJ in September 2013. Prior to joining BMJ, Glen worked at Elsevier for more than 23 years, in a variety of roles including Executive Vice President of Society Business Development, STM Journals. During his time at Elsevier, Glen was responsible for the successful development and growth of the Elsevier Health Sciences (then called Global Medical Research) Journals portfolio (420+ journals) internationally. Glen currently oversees the development and growth of BMJ in the Americas, with a particular emphasis on growing their journal business and clinical solutions products. Glen chairs the STM Publishers Advisory Board to the National Library of Medicine and is the current chair of the Friends of the National Library of Medicine. He is Chair of the Board of Directors of the International Association of STM Publishers, and has served has Chair of the Executive Council of the Professional, Scholarly, Publishing Division of the Association of American Publishers.
Helene Goldstein, American College of Cardiology
Helene Goldstein is the Director, Digital Content Development for the American College of Cardiology and specifically for the web site, ACC.org. She works with an editorial board of over 170 clinicians to create and distribute original material, including summaries of the journal literature, expert analyses, clinical trial summaries, case studies, and a slide gallery of clinical images for our members to use in teaching and learning. In addition, she works with an editor of innovations, to understand the web environment and competition, as well as usage statistics, and opportunities for improvement. ACC.org is mostly organized by 19 clinical pathway or topics, and Ms. Goldstein participated in the development of the solution that automated the tagging and distribution, using MeSH, the Medical Subject Headings system to automate that process. Ms Goldstein has over 30 years of experience with tagging and classification of content, having earned her degree in Library Science and working for many years as a librarian. She was instrumental in developing ACC.org in 1994, and has been working on the web site ever since.
Glen Campbell, Elsevier
Robert C. Bartel, The Endocrine Society
Robert C. Bartel, MSc, is the Chief Innovation Officer at the Endocrine Society, an 18,000+ member global biomedical association based in Washington, DC. Rob leads the Societys Knowledge Integration (KI) Initiative, fostering a culture of innovation, knowledge sharing and cross-functional teaming. Rob and his KI Team direct organization-wide content strategy, integrating programs across departments and committees, to improve quality, efficiency and user experience with content. Rob also leads the New Product and Innovation Team, charged with identifying concepts for development, testing and implementation, as well assessment of existing products and programs for renewal or sunset. Rob joined the Society in 2004 and served as Director of Education until 2015. Prior to joining the Society, he studied hormone action in fishes and frogs at the University of Rhode Island and University of Michigan, respectively, and served in the United States Peace Corps in the Fiji Islands.
Twitter Handle: isaropate
Kristen Hauck, American Association for Clinical Chemistry
Kristen Hauck is Assistant Managing Editor at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry in Washington, DC, where she oversees production of two journals, Clinical Chemistry and the recently launched Journal of Applied Laboratory Medicine. Prior to working at AACC, Kristen edited legal books and periodicals for Thomson Reuters in her hometown of Rochester, NY. She is interested in new product development, accessibility, and ethics in publishing. Kristen will complete her MPS in Publishing at George Washington University this summer.
Twitter Handle: AACC_KristenH