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2017 SSP 39th Annual Meeting

Concurrent 3D: Degrees of Open-ness…

Research and Scholarship
Concurrent 3D: Degrees of Open-ness: Challenges and Solutions in the Analysis of Open Access Metrics

Evaluating the impact of Open Access publications is of key importance, whether for funding or demonstrating the real significance of published work. It is standard practice for publishers to audit metrics relating to paid content, but with OA the situation is more complex. Quantifying download metrics may be straightforward, but judging what these mean in terms of readership, (re)usage and sharing is much harder. There may be citation advantages with OA articles, but how can we tell? How can real impact factors and success criteria be evaluated? This exploratory and reflective session will consist of a short self-introduction by each panellist followed by a brief introduction to the main issues. The audience will then be invited to work in pairs to prepare questions for the panellists. A series of prepared topics for open panel discussion followed by pairwork questions from the floor will form the second part of the session.

Moderator: Fiona Carr, Ingenta, Inc
Twitter Handle: weareingenta


Patricia Feeney, Crossref
Patricia oversees product support at Crossref and helps maintain and improve core services. During her 10 year career at Crossref shes helped thousands of publishers understand how to record and distribute metadata for millions of scholarly items. Shes also worked in various scholarly publishing roles and as systems librarian and cataloger.
Twitter Handle: CrossrefOrg
Daniella Lowenberg, University of California Curation Center
Daniella has a background in Microbiology and has researched and published on antibiotic resistance at San Francisco Public Health as well as pharmacogenomics pathways for chemotherapy agents at Stanford. Daniella spent over three years as a Publications Manager at PLOS ONE where she implemented and oversaw the PLOS Data Policy as well as ran journal operations.
Daniella is currently at the University of California Curation Center (UC3) within the California Digital Library at the Office of the UC President as a Research Data Specialist / Dash Product Manager. She focuses on building adoption and awareness of data publication tools (Dash) as well as leading cross-organizational efforts in promoting data metrics for the Making Data Count project with DataCite and DataONE.
Twitter Handle: danilowenberg
Eric Archambault, Science Metrix
Eric Archambault is CEO of Science-Metrix, a professional services company specialising in bibliometrics and program evaluation. He is also President and CEO of 1science, a company dedicated to lowering the cost of the acquisition and diffusion of scholarly and research information. Dr. Archambault and his business partner, GrEgoire CUtE, founded Science-Metrix in 2002 and 1science in 2015. Both companies are active worldwide and offer professional services and software to R&D analysts, decision-makers and librarians. In addition to some 15 papers published in peer-reviewed journals, Dr. Archambault regularly attends conferences in scientometrics and informetrics, lectures on those subjects, and reviews papers for Scientometrics, JASIST, Research Policy, and PLoS. Eric has a degree in Science, technologie et societe, as well as both a master’s and a doctoral degree in Science and Technology Policies Studies from the Science Policy Research Unit at the University of Sussex, UK.
Twitter Handle: WeAre1Science
Lucy Montgomery, Knowledge Unlatched Research/Curtin University
Prof Montgomery is also Director of KU Research: the research-focussed arm of the larger Knowledge Unlatched Open Access (OA) initiative. Prof. Montgomery was a key member of the small team responsible for establishing Knowledge Unlatched: developing and successfully piloting a globally coordinated, collaborative model for enabling OA for specialist scholarly publications at scale. As Director of KU Research Prof. Montgomery is leading a program of critical work: working with platforms, partners, publishers, libraries and intermediaries and drawing on large-scale data to explore how OA books are used and shared.
Twitter Handle: LucyMontgomery