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2017 SSP 39th Annual Meeting

Concurrent 4B: You Are Here…

Practical Skills/Publishing 101
Concurrent 4B: You are Here: An Industry Map for All Stages of Journal Publishing

[WARNING: This session may involve fewer bullet point lists, and potentially more enjoyment. Please plan accordingly.] / At one time, a publishing professional with an understanding of publishers, libraries, authors, and vendors could be considered reasonably well informed of their surroundings. Today, the same professional would also need to understand funding agencies, authoring tools, plagiarism detection, analytics, open access models, cascading journals, etc., while maintaining ongoing awareness of entire categories of services that may not have existed a few years ago. How does one become-and remain-informed of the expanding sphere of journal publishing? In this session, we will present an industry map that was prepared with consultancy, vendor, and publisher input. We will discuss what it means to become informed and remain informed, and how the moving parts of the journal publishing landscape connect to our organizations, authors, and end users. Attendees will be invited to share comments regarding the map, and to participate in a discussion on its further development as an educational resource to all. At the end of the session, we will offer the map to SSP for educational use and further development. This session is appropriate for meeting attendees of all experience levels and roles. Have we identified your organization, initiative, and/or process stage on the industry map?

Moderator: Michael Clarke, Clarke & Company


Kenneth Heideman, American Meteorological Society
Ken has been at what he calls his dream job at AMS for 19 years, where he gets to write and edit and manage a superlative team of 40 professionals who turn out 11 scholarly peer-reviewed journals annually. He is a degreed meteorologist who continues to be amazed that he could find a great job that allows him to combine his love of weather, the written word, and working with really smart and creative people as a manager. He has been an active member of the Council of Science Editors since 2004 and is proud to have served as its president in 2011.
Barry Davis, Sheridan
Barry has represented Sheridan for his entire 23-year career. He works with commercial publishers, societies, and university presses throughout the US and UK. Barry is a former Chair of the Membership Committee for the Council of Science Editors, and has served as a speaker and/or panelist at CESSE, CSE, NFAIS, and Chicago Book Clinic meetings over the years. He is a graduate of the Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. Barry resides in rural Pennsylvania with his wife, son, guitars, rockabilly records, unhealthy devotion to the Pittsburgh Penguins, and more presidential history books than he’ll ever have time to read.