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2017 SSP 39th Annual Meeting

Concurrent 6F: Improving Access to Scholarly Resources …

Concurrent 6F: Improving Access to Scholarly Resources from Anywhere on any Device (This session will be included in the SSP Virtual Meeting)

Traditional approaches to identity and access management are failing publishers and users. Anonymous forms of authentication, like IP ranges, provide inadequate security against unauthorized use, and limit our ability to understand usage and respond with greater personalization. Requiring users to learn yet another set of credentials raises access barriers, and deters usage. These issues impact everyone at SSP, covering both paywalled content and the delivery of greater personalization around open access services.

The STM Association is leading an industry-wide effort to enable seamless access for users to legally provided content, from any place and any device, as well as greater control and analytics over network activity. This process includes the development of pilot projects to test new approaches with publishers, libraries and vendors. This session will inform you about progress in this critical area, and explore the practical implications for the user experience, publishers and other key stakeholders.

Moderator: Tim Lloyd, LibLynx
Twitter Handle: liblynxconnect


Rich Wenger, MIT
Rich Wenger has been the E-Resource Systems Manager at the MIT Library for thirteen years, where he supports link resolvers, proxy servers, patron authentication, and helps resolve the many problems that arise in the complex domain of electronic resources. Prior to MIT Rich was on the Aleph implementation team at the Harvard University Library, and before that spent 14 years in the commercial software industry as a systems programmer, datacenter manager, and product developer. Rich has a keen interest in the evolution of e-content access models from IP-based practices toward a more suitable, flexible and sustainable model. He was a participant at the Universal Resource Access Forum in Amsterdam in 2016 and has also been involved with the RA21 initiative of the International Association of STM Publishers.
Ralph Youngen, American Chemical Society
Ralph Youngen has more than 30 years of experience in providing technology solutions for the scientific publishing industry. For the past 18 years he has held numerous positions with the American Chemical Society. He is now its Director of Publishing Systems Integration, where he is responsible for defining and overseeing large scale technology integration projects, including an enterprise-wide identity management initiative. Ralph has been actively involved in the formation and leadership of the STM RA21 taskforce, and serves on its steering committee.
Chris Shillum, Elsevier
Chris Shillum is Vice President of Platform and Data Integration for Elsevier, where he is focusing on integrating data resources across silos to enable the next generation of personalized services for researchers and building out Elseviers big data platform. Previously, he was responsible for the platform and systems which power online products such as ScienceDirect and Scopus. He has worked in various capacities on Elseviers online products including ScienceDirect since its inception in 1997, and currently represents Elsevier on a number of industry organization boards, including ORCID, CrossRef and the National Information Standards Organisation (NISO). Chris holds a Masters in Electronic Systems Engineering from the University of York in the UK. He is currently co-chair of the STM RA21 taskforce.
Twitter Handle: cshillum