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2017 SSP 39th Annual Meeting

Plenary: Previews Session – New and Noteworthy Product Presentations

Keynote/Plenary Presentations
Now our Friday plenary, due to popular demand! The Previews Session is designed to offer attendees the chance to hear and learn about the newest and most innovative products, platforms, and/or content affecting our industry. Speakers will be organized in a lightning round format with each organization allotted 5 minute, back-to-back presentations. Attendees will leave with exposure to a wide breadth of new and updated products that will lead the future of the scholarly publishing community that will certainly spark ideas for your own organizations.

Moderator: David Myers, DMedia Associates, Inc.
Twitter Handle: DMediaAssoc

Liran Belenzon, BenchSci
Betsy Donohue, UberResearch
Michelle Hache, NEJM Knowledge+
Ian Hames, PSI
Jennifer Kemp, Crossref
Richard Kobel, ConSCIse
Tim Lloyd, LibLynx
Pierre Montagano, Code Ocean
Joy Moore, Zapnito
Nicola Poser, RedLink
Jacob Wilcock, Atypon
Heather Staines, Hypothes.is
Erich van Rijn, University of California Press
Charles Watkinson, University of Michigan Press