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2017 SSP 39th Annual Meeting

Seminar 4: Innovation in Scholarly Book Publishing…

Pre-Meeting Seminar
Seminar 4: Innovation in Scholarly Book Publishing: What Have We Achieved and What More Is Needed?

The move to digital has been much slower for books; open access has yet to really take off; books are more likely to be ignored in the academic assessment process; and the research infrastructure has been developed largely in response to the needs of journal publishing. And yet book publishing is a vital element of scholarly communications.This seminar will provide an update on recent innovations in scholarly book publishing, and a look ahead to future developments through a combination of lightning talks, presentations, and small group activities. Speakers will provide an overview of the books infrastructure and some new author tools and services; discuss OA as a business model for books; review some key post-publication challenges such as including boos in the researcher evaluation process; identify opportunities to improve recognition for peer review of books; and examine some new approaches to increasing discoverability and usage. Participants will then work in small groups to consider the academic book of the future will it still exist, what might it look like, how will it be used? The seminar will end with a presentation by Alex Humphreys of JSTOR on Reimagining the Monograph.

Moderator: Alice Meadows, ORCID


Marcel Knochelmann, University College London
Marcel Knochelmann works as a publishing consultant at fullstopp in Berlin. He graduated from University College London and has experience from various publishing projects, such as Strategic Development at Wiley, research at The Academic Book of the Future project, and marketing and sales at Knowledge Unlatched. After having been a bookseller for three years, Marcel studied publishing management and worked at smaller media startups and interned at major companies like De Gruyter and Sartorius. He received a 2016 SSP International Fellowship, was the 2015 John Wiley & Sons scholar, and is an alum of the German National Merit Foundation. He publishes research and articles on lepublikateur.de and will start a PhD at UCLs Department of Information Studies in September 2017.
Melissanne Scheld, Publishers Communication Group
Andrew Preston, PUBLONS
Alison O’Connell, Aries Systems Corporation
Alex Humphreys, ITHAKA
John Hammersley, Overleaf
CEO & Co-Founder of Overleaf, John Hammersley has always been fascinated by technology, science, space and exploration. After completing a PhD in Mathematical Physics at Durham University in England in 2008, he went on to help design and build the world’s first driverless taxi system now operating at London’s Heathrow Airport. John is now making it easier for scientists to collaborate and publish online with Overleaf an award-winning cloud-based scientific authoring tool used by over 350,000 researchers, students and faculty worldwide.
Martijn Roelandse, Springer Nature
Jasmin Lange, Brill