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2017 SSP 39th Annual Meeting

Sponsored Session: Atypon: Content Marketing…

Sponsored Session
Sponsored Session: Atypon: Content Marketing. A Natural and Essential Strategy for Publishers

Publishers are natural content marketers while other industries must generate content to use as a marketing tool, publishers create such content as a matter of course. Yet scholarly and professional publishers have traditionally seen themselves as content curators and nurturers, not content marketers.

Content marketing is a digital strategy for attracting and engaging visitors with valuable, relevant information that takes the form of editorials, blogs news, and other non-peer-reviewed content. To remain competitive, more and more online publishers are employing content marketing to ensure that their websites attract, engage, and convert readers into return visitors and paying subscribersand doing so while fulfilling their constituent organizations missions and maintaining the integrity of their content and the professional character of their websites.

This sessions panelists will discuss how content marketing strategies long in use by other industries can be shaped to the specific requirements of professional and scholarly publishers. Attendees will learn how six key marketing tacticspromotion, personalization, consumerization, discoverability, proactive eCommerce, and analytics-based site optimizationcan transform passive content delivery to an active content marketing strategy that measurably elevates a journals impact, furthers brand loyalty, and increases readership, sales, and ad value. Among the specific marketing tools discussed will be content and ad targeting, diverse content types offerings, on-the-fly product generation, and user identity and site behavior tracking.

Moderator: Jacob Wilcock, Atypon


Rebecca Rinehart, American Psychiatric Association
Edith Holmes, JOSPT
Christine Lamb, New England Journal of Medicine