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2017 SSP 39th Annual Meeting

Sponsored Session: Cabell’s Analytics: Quality vs. Legitimacy

Sponsored Session
A fundamental mission of Cabells is to uphold the integrity of scholarly publishing and to protect the ethical foundation of the academic community. We do so in providing a variety of tools to empower researchers to make the best decision when submitting their work: the Whitelist, the Blacklist and Cabell’s Analytics. Through development and partnerships, Cabell’s is excited to offer a two new utilities that will help users have a comprehensive understanding of journal legitimacy, journal quality, and a quantification of the transparency regarding journal policies and practices. As a responseto the alarming increase in unethical practices by fraudulent publication, Cabell’s developed the Cabell’s Blacklist and Cabell’s Analytics to create transparency and accountability within the academic publishing industry. In this session, we will discuss how each tool offered by Cabell’s works and how to use them.

Moderator: Kathleen Berryman, Project Manager, Cabell’s International


Lucas Toutloff, Cabell’s International
Lucas Toutloff is a Senior Project Manager at Cabells International, working to improve the ways that the researchers can get published and highlight their academic achievements. Lucas has been working in academic publishing since 2011. He now focuses on developing new solutions for researchers growing needs, coordinating new projects across each stage of the development process.