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2017 SSP 39th Annual Meeting

Sponsored Session: codeMantra: Collaboration and Communication…

Sponsored Session
Collaboration and Communication: The Key to Author-Publisher Relations

From submission to publication, publishers engage with authors in many ways. To reach publication successfully, its necessary to follow a series of well-defined steps. For example, during the editorial process, communication is often overlooked or lost, while critical data is generated but frequently misplaced. Consequently, collaboration and process management suffer when the right technological tools are not in place.

Publishers need to think about the tools available to them for adding value to their author relationship, especially in competitive environments. Effective collaboration can help unite the various internal and external publisher systems that service the author, such as the peer review process and production. Ultimately, there are few professional relationships more collaborative than author and publisher. Improving, capturing and preserving the exchanges between these stakeholders will assist in the development of best practices and put a publisher on the road to improved author satisfaction and loyalty. This session will discuss the role of technology in facilitating author communication and overall stakeholder collaboration.


Ed Marino, codeMantra
Ed Marino has 35 years of business experience at Fortune 500 companies and small to mid-cap companies in a number of leadership roles. Ed has specialized in helping companies to grow and prosper by building teams and through well-developed strategies, leadership and strong execution. In the publishing sector, he was a co-founder, President and CEO of Lightning Source, the industry leader in on-demand delivery services to the book publishing industry. He currently is Chairman and CEO at codeMantraa publishing services company.
Twitter Handles: marino1715 & codemantra