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2017 SSP 39th Annual Meeting

Sponsored Session: Editage: Helping Publishers Get Closer to Authors…

Sponsored Session
Sponsored Session: Editage: Helping Publishers Get Closer to Authors: Perspectives from a Global Survey of Academic Authors

The age of author-friendly publisher processes is here! Publishers globally are becoming increasingly author-centric by incorporating author support into their workflows, increasing outreach through author education, and trying to understand challenges authors face. Editage, a leading provider of publication support services, has partnered with several publishers to help them get closer to authors. This session shares interim results of a large survey Editage Insights (Editages resource platform) is conducting with authors, regarding various aspects of academic publication. The survey, being run since November 2016 in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Portuguese, has received more than 5200 responses so far, and sheds light on strong views authors have about issues like journal communication, time to publication, publication ethics, open access, and more. This session will provide useful insights into the psyche and expectations of authors and stimulate discussion about how publishers can make their journal processes more author friendly.


Donald Samulack, Editage
As President of the U.S. Operations for Editage / Cactus Communications, Dr. Samulack is actively involved in supporting the language editing and publication needs of the academic and publishing communities, managing workflow across global time zones, and raising the level of awareness and professionalism of good publication practices, worldwide. As such, he understands the logistics of scholarly publication and the global outsourcing of language editing and author support services, and is a major player in shaping perceptions, defining workflows, and delivering quality.
Twitter Handle: @samulack
Clarinda Cerejo, Editage
Clarinda Cerejo is Editor-in-Chief of Editage Insights, a global multilingual learning and discussion platform for researchers, covering all aspects of academic publishing. Clarinda has over 10 years of experience working closely with non-native English-speaking authors to help them get published in international English-language journals. Through her work as an academic editor and trainer, she has become well acquainted with the pressures that researchers face and the challenges they encounter in trying to get published. She is passionate about author education and aims to improve communication between authors and journals.
Twitter Handle: @ClarindaCerejo