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2017 SSP 39th Annual Meeting

Sponsored Session: HighWire: Practical User Experience Design for Publishers

Sponsored Session
Since the dawn of the internet, scholarly publishers have been designing websites which look and feel ‘academic’, hoping that this will provide an additional stamp of authority to their digital content. Scholarly publishing does not exist in isolation, however, and our users expectations have changed with the evolution of the online world. Things that worked in 1997 such as flat renderings to create a PDF-like online experience just don’t cut the mustard in 2017.

Attendees will come away from this session with an appreciation of the benefits of UX design, as well as some practical understanding of the techniques involved. The session is designed to give insights to publishers, production staff, technology, marketing, and sales teams; or anyone concerned and engaged with the look and feel of digital publishing platforms.


Ian Curson, HighWire Press, Inc.
Ian Curson is a user experience professional with more than 25 years commercial experience designing interactive systems and implementing and managing interaction design teams and processes in both agencies and in-house positions. He has presented tutorials for practitioners at leading user experience design conferences, including: CHI, Interact and UPA and currently leads the user experience team at HighWire.