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2017 SSP 39th Annual Meeting

Sponsored Session: Inera & Typefi: Find Your Path: the Four Roads to XML

Sponsored Session
Publishing complex documents today requires enriched text and multiple output formats (PDF, HTML, EPUB, Kindle). XML can be introduced at one of four stages: (1) authoring, (2) before editing, (3) before composition, and (4) after publication. In this session, we will present the pros and cons of all four approaches. Publisher case studies will be included, with an emphasis on lessons learned from various workflow failures and successes. Technology providers will describe integrated software solutions for the automation of editorial and XML operations and the creation of high-quality multi-format publications. Although the presenters will argue for the merits of one approach, attendees will learn about the opportunities and obstacles inherent to a variety of solutions to this critical publishing problem.


Bruce Rosenblum, Inera, Inc.
Bruce Rosenblum has more than 30 years of experience designing and implementing electronic publishing solutions. He heads up all software development activities at Inera, including the design and development of eXtyles. He also consults on the application of XML in publishing and the design of electronic production workflows. He co-authored the JATS/NLM DTD suite and developed the CrossRef Metadata Deposit Schema.
Chandi Perera, Typefi Systems
Chandi joined Typefi as CEO in 2006, and has over two decades of publishing and media technology experience. He has acted as a technology consultant to corporations and government agencies around the world, and is a frequent conference speaker in the areas of content management, publishing, media, XML, structured content and digital rights management. Chandi is a board member of a number of industry bodies and has degrees in Engineering and Computer Science.