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2017 SSP 39th Annual Meeting

Sponsored Session: Jack Farrell & Assoc: Let’s Talk About the Job Market

Sponsored Session
Let’s Talk About the Job Market: Hiring Practices, Early Career Professionals, and Promoting Diversity

As the industry demands a more inclusive community, we bring together three speakers with experience bringing new talent to the industry and excelling in scholarly communications. Representing recruitment, Human Resources, and management, they will discuss how they make hiring decisions, how they develop and influence early career professionals, and how to make more diverse and inclusive hires.

Moderators: Emma Brink and Matt Cooper, Wiley


Phill Jones, Digital Science
Phill Jones is Head of Publisher Outreach at Digital Science, where he works to improve understanding of the types of products and services that Digital Science and its various portfolio companies offer. Phill has spent much of his career working on projects that use technology to accelerate scientific discovery. He joined Digital Science from portfolio company ReadCube, where he held the position of VP of Business Development. Prior to Digital Science, he was the Editorial Director at Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE), the first academic video journal. Phill is a member of several committees including the SSP annual conference and educational committees, the STM association early career publishers and future lab committees. In a former life, Phill was a cross-disciplinary research scientist. He held a faculty position at Harvard Medical School, working in bio-physics and neuroscience, despite having originally started out as a plasma physicist at the UK atomic energy authority. He has also worked as a microscopy consultant and scientific advisor for a number of startups and small companies.
Twitter Handle: @phillbjones
Christie Powell, Copyright Clearance Center, Inc.
Christie Powell is Copyright Clearance Centers Human Resource Manager. Starting in banking in Colorado, her move to the North Shore brought her to CCC over 25 years ago. From a startup CCC has grown to a global organization with 500 plus employees and 3 acquisitions. Her most successful recruitment is hiring the CEO as the office assistant. Christie received her BA from the University of Colorado and has numerous certifications as an HR professional. She sits on two community boards. Her current focus is employee engagement and wellness.
Jack Farrell, Jack Farrell & Associates
Jack Farrell was an STM publishing lifer till leaving his post as Vice President of Digital Content at McGraw-Hill in May 2006 to start a publishing-centric recruiting firm. His publishing career included leadership roles in sales, marketing, international, editorial and digital publishing. Jack Farrell & Associates features a team of former publishing managers that is expert at making the right matches for its clients in publishing, publishing technology, ed-tech, and digital media. This is evidenced by the 97% retention rate of candidates hired since 2013.