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2017 SSP 39th Annual Meeting

Sponsored Session: Westchester Publishing Services: Participant, Partner…

Sponsored Session
Sponsored Session: Participant, Partner, or Service Provider: Services in the 21st Century

Publishers are increasingly asking their vendors to provide services traditionally assumed to be the publisher’s domain: project management, copyediting, interactions with authors, archiving, even peer review. How do publishers set their boundaries, and how do they work with their vendors to find the right balance between engagement and efficiency? A publishing software provider, a publishing services vendor, and a production manager will discuss changes they’ve seen in scholarly publishing, the current requirements scholarly publishers have, and what may need to be available to support publishers in the years ahead, as they continue to navigate a constantly changing landscape.

Moderator: Tim Cross, Westchester Publishing Services


Anna Jester, eJournalPress
Anna Jester began her career in publishing at Allen Press in Lawrence, KS, where she started as a member of the Online Publishing division. She later moved to the Online Manuscript Submission and Peer Review division and in time became the Product Manager for Online Publishing and Online Manuscript Submission and Peer Review products. She also served as the Editor of FrontMatter, a newsletter devoted to issues that affect society and association publishers with a particular focus on technology. In 2010 she moved to Maryland, joining eJournalPress as the Director of Sales & Marketing. Anna currently serves as a member of the Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) Membership Committee, a member of the Council of Science Editors (CSE) Program Committee, and as Technology/E-Publishing Section Editor for Science Editor. Anna enjoys meaningful change, travel, excellent food and mysteries. She and her husband try, with limited success, not to spoil their Italian Greyhound.
Michael Jon Jensen, Westchester Publishing Services
Michael Jon Jensen has worked at the interface between digital technologies and publishing since the late 1980s. He was involved in digital publishing long before the rise of the commercial Web, first at the University of Nebraska Press, and then at the Johns Hopkins University Press, where he led the startup phase of Project Muse. In 1998 he joined the National Academies Press, ran their groundbreaking online publishing program for nearly ten years, and then served in other digital capacities at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. He became Director of Technology at Westchester Publishing Services in 2015.
Larry Klein, American Society for Microbiology
With over 35 year in publishing, Larry Klein has held various executive positions with publishers and suppliers. Recent positions include Vice President-Corporate Digital Archive and Publishing Technology at Pearson Education; Director-NA Operations with Wolters Kluwer; Chief Operating Officer at Global Publishing Solutions, and currently Production Manager with ASM Press. Additionally, Mr. Klein has consulted on various technology projects regarding content enrichment and digital workflow improvement for international clients.