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2017 SSP 39th Annual Meeting

Sponsored Session: Yewno: Unearthing Hidden Value

Sponsored Session
Intelligent systems, like Yewno Unearth, have the potential to leapfrog the sophistication with which information professionals classify resources and enable topical pathways for our readers to easily discover relevant content. These computational solutions are not intended to be a silver bullet, instead they should complement human ingenuity and elevate organizational schemes. Unearth represents a new era of opportunity for publishing houses to disseminate knowledge and facilitate interactions with information.


Ruth Pickering, Yewno
Pickering has worked for both blue-chip corporations and startups, has extensive experience across product development, program management and strategy. With experience as a managing director of large organizations she has managed both strategic planning and execution of multiple $ billion product lines. Ruth’s experience spans media technology and telecommunications, where prior to Yewno, she served as managing director of BT Wholesale; was one of the Global Telecoms Business top 40 under 40 in 2010, and was shortlisted for ‘Woman of the Year in Technology’ in 2011.
Amy Brand, MIT Press
Amy Brand was named Director of the MIT Press in July 2015. Previously, she served as VP Academic and Research Relations and VP North America at Digital Science. From 2008 to 2013, Brand worked at Harvard University, first as Program Manager of the Office for Scholarly Communication and then as Assistant Provost for Faculty Appointments and Information. Before moving to Harvard, she held long-term positions as an Executive Editor at the MIT Press and as Director of Business and Product Development at CrossRef. Brand serves on the National Academy of Sciences Board on Research Data and Information, the Duraspace Board of Directors, was a founding member of the ORCID Board, and regularly advises on key community initiatives in digital scholarship. She holds a B.A. in linguistics from Barnard College and a PhD in cognitive science from MIT.