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01.06.2017  |  SSP News & Releases

A look back at 2016’s SSP seminar sessions

Happy 2017!  If you missed any of the Society for Scholarly Publishing’s seminars in 2016 not to worry, summaries and presentations are available on the SSP website. Below is a quick recap of the 2016 fall seminars.

SSP Fall Seminars are a good way to interact with others in the scholarly publishing profession, learn about new challenges and rising trends in publishing, and network with colleagues.   Last year featured sessions on mentorship, career development, networking, and navigating the RFP process.  What was unique about each of these sessions is the various points of views they offered and no matter what your career level, there was something beneficial for everyone.

Mentorship – Whether you are a mentor, mentee, looking to advance your career, or someone interested in developing a culture of mentorship in your office, this seminar gave a full 360 view on all the aspects of mentorship.  

Networking – Ever wanted to be that person who could naturally work the room and create long lasting professional contacts and really jump start your career through networking?  Take some tips from industry veterans who offered practical advice on the do’s and don’ts of networking.

RFP Process – If you work in scholarly publishing chances are you have navigated an RFP either as the service seeker or service provider.  The RFP process can often times be complex and good organization and a clear process are key in any successful process.  This session offered insider tips from the early stages of deciding what is needed to pull it all together, to identifying potential candidates, and making a final decision.

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