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06.17.2019 | SSP News & Releases

Webinar Recordings Now Available for On-Demand Viewing

The recordings of the February, March, and April 2019 SSP Webinars are now available to view for free in the SSP Library. If you missed these insightful programs, you can review them now on-demand from your computer or mobile device. We have four more webinars scheduled for 2019; registration is now open!

View Now: The Scholarly Kitchen Webinar: The Future of Independent and Society Publishing

In an era of consolidation and regulation, scale has become a key factor in a successful publishing program. This has made it increasingly difficult for smaller independent publishers, particularly research societies, to continue to thrive in the market. The recent publication of Plan S, a set of funder requirements for publication, has accelerated the sustainability concerns of the independent publisher. Though not intentional, these sorts of policies are expected to lead to greater market consolidation and favor larger, commercial publishers who are better positioned to weather the oncoming storm of compliance. In this webinar we will hear from independent societies about their future plans, from consultants working with societies on those plans, and from a larger publishing house that partners with societies about the pluses and minuses of such partnerships. Sponsored by: RedLink

View Now: We CAN, but SHOULD We? Launching a New Product or Service (or Not)

Publishers try out a lot of new ideas, and some succeed, but many fail. If you’re NOT “too big to fail”, are there ways you can increase your odds of success? In this moderated panel discussion, a group of experienced innovators will share what they’ve learned, revealing how to mitigate risk as you develop and implement new products and services. Speakers will address:

  • How to evaluate an idea for a product or service
  • Factors that make a product or service a success
  • Lessons learned from products that were (or weren’t) successful
  • How to measure success vs. failure, and when to decide to cut losses and move on

Featuring representatives from a tech startup, a university press, and a society publisher, this webinar will bring a range of perspectives to bear on the many issues and challenges surrounding innovation. Questions are not only welcome, but encouraged!

View Now: From Diversity to Inclusion and Equity 

As inclusion strategist Verna Myers once said, “Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance.” Attendees of this webinar will come away with a better idea of how individuals and organizations can move beyond good intentions to realize more inclusive workplaces in scholarly publishing. Panel speakers will cover tools, tactics, and strategies that can help to reset cultural norms and redress power imbalances in our institutional structures that occur around gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation and other differentiators.

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