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Adinolfi, Meredith

Vice President, Publishing Operations, Cell Press

Alexander, Patrick H.

Director, Penn State University Press

Alves, Tony

Senior Vice President, Product Management, HighWire Press, Inc.

Anderson, Rick

Associate dean for Collections and Scholarly Communication, J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah

Ansley, Laura

Managing Editor, American Historical Association

Antunes, Ana

Portfolio Manager, Frontiers

Bajaj, Deepika

VP, Publisher Relations, RedLink, Inc.

Baskin, Patricia

Executive Editor, Neurology® Journal

Beckett, Chris

Chris Beckett, Vice-President for Business Development, Atypon

Beebe, Linda

Senior Director of PsycINFO, American Psychological Association (APA)

Begley, Ryan

Research Integrity Manager, Frontiers

Bethancourt-Hughes, Gabrielle

Assistant Editor, Digital Product Management, Wiley

Bibič, Lučka

Head of Article Pipeline Management, Springer Nature

Brand, Amy

Director, MIT Press

Brink, Emma

Assistant Editor, Wiley

Büttiker, Sharon Mattern

Director of Content Management at Research Solutions

Calilhanna, Marianne

Director of Marketing, Cenveo Publisher Services

Carpenter, Todd

Managing Director, NISO

Carvalho do Amaral, Janaynne

Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Castro, Steve

CFO & Director of Marketing & Sales, Annual Reviews

Chauhan, Chhavi

Director of Scientific Outreach, American Society for Investigative Pathology

Clawges, Lori

Senior Managing Editor, Endocrine Practice, AACE Clinical Case Reports, American Association of Clinical Endocrinology

Cochran, Angela

Associate Publisher and Journals Director, American Society of Civil Engineers

Colangelo, Eleonora

Publishing Specialist & Research Integrity Trainer, Frontiers

Compton, Dana

Managing Director & Publisher, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

Conrad, Lettie

Independent Publishing and Product Development Consultant

Dapra, Darcy

Strategic Partner Manager, Google, Inc.

Delquié, Emilie

Senior Vice President, Product and Customer Success, Silverchair

Di Natale, Michael

Publishing Technology Manager, Science/AAAS

Dodenhoff, Rich

Journals Director, ASPET

Dolechek, Melanie

Director, Publishing and Marketing

Dolinger, Julia

Chief Publishing Officer, American Astronomical Society

Duffy, Michael

Library Sales Manager at SAGE

Earle, Lacey

Vice President of Business Development, Cabell’s International

Emery, Jill

Head of Acquisitions, University of Texas Libraries at Austin

Esposito, Joseph

Senior Partner, Clarke & Esposito

Esworthy, Madeline

Editorial Analyst, American Chemical Society

Etkin, Adam

Director of Publishing, Academy of Management

Fagan, Greg

Sales Director, Data Conversion Laboratory

Fathman, Liz

Director of Print and Digital Media, Missouri Botanical Garden

Fisher, Janet

Senior Publishing Consultant, Publishers Communication Group

Fleet, Jennifer

Director of Strategic Client Solutions, Aries Systems

Fogleson, Joann

Director of Publishing Technologies, American Society of Civil Engineers

Forrest, Catherine

Associate Director, Journals Production, American Society of Clinical Oncology

Friedman, Michael

Senior Manager for Publishing Operations, American Meteorological Society

Ghosh, Roohi

Ambassador for Researcher Success, Cactus Communications (CACTUS)

Giannetti, Francesca

Digital Humanities Librarian – Rutgers University

Gunn, Emilie

Director of Journals, American Society of Clinical Oncology

Gunter, Darrell

President & CEO, Gunter Media Group

Hannon, Patrick

Editorial Operations Manager, Cell Press

Harington, Robert

Publisher, American Institute of Physics

Harp, Gabriel

Senior Manager of Digital Products, The MIT Press

Healy, Michael

Executive Director, Google Book Rights Registry

Henderson, Helen

Vice-President for Marketing Research and Development, Ringgold Inc.

Herbert, Ginny

Associate Publisher of Researcher Engagement, AIP Publishing

Heredia, Ana

Co-Founder, Heredia & Viggiani Consulting
Affiliate Senior Associate, Latin America, Maverick Publishing Specialists

Hibbard, Bryan

Senior Editorial Operations Manager, Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)

Hosseini, Mohammad

Postdoctoral Researcher, Galter Health Sciences Library, Northwestern University

Hunter, Sylvia

Editorial Manager, Journals

Jester, Anna

Director of Sales & Marketing, eJournalPress

Johnson, Mark

Executive Director, Department of Marketing, Communication & Public Relations, Peralta Community College District

Kane, Lauren

Director of Publisher Relations, BioOne

Keane, Maeg

Communications Associate – BioOne

Kesner, Sue

Director, Publisher Services, Copyright Clearance Center and President, SSP

Ketelhut, Ashley

Editorial Coordinator, American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)

Konda, Sai

Senior Managing Editor, Publications, American Chemical Society

Industry area: Publishing and Editorial
Career stage: Mid-Level

Lang, Jeff

Assistant Director, Platform Development, American Chemical Society Publications

Larose, Cassandra

Librarian, Scholarly Communication and Learning Support, Royal Roads University

Lavallee, Kate

Editor, Wiley

Laws, Byron

Senior Vice President , Strategic Partnerships, KiwiTech and SSP Treasurer

Leung, Allison

Manager, Product Development, American Chemical Society

Lindsay, Nick

Mit Press Journals Director

Loayza, Jessica

Manager, Web Publications, AIAA

Lockhart, Patti

Managing Editor, American Society of Plant Biologists

Looney, Ryan

Client Services Manager, Overleaf

Luther, Judy

President, Informed Strategies LLC

Margotta, Michael

Maverick Outsource Services, Ltd.

Markowitz, Julie

Journals Marketing and Sales Coordinator, Wayne State University Press

Martin, Kimberly

Editorial Director, Journals, Technical Papers, and SAE MobilityRxiv®, SAE International

McAteer, Colin

Director, Publishing Operations, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

McKenna, Janine Chiappa

Director of Publishing, American Anthropological Association

Meadows, Alice

Director of Community, ORCID

Melkin, Audrey D.

Director of Business Development, Atypon

Merriman, Victoria

Publishing Development Manager, Bioscientifica

Meyers Ford, Barbara

President, Meyers Consulting Services and Editor-in-Chief, SSP News

Michael, Ann

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Morgan, Dan

Digital Science Publisher, UC Press, Publisher, Collabra

Muccie, Mary Rose

Director, Project MUSE

Mudditt, Alison

CEO, Public Library of Science (PLOS)

Myers, David

Lead Publisher, Wolters Kluwer Health

Norell, Michelle

Director of Sales

Nthoesane, Meiya

Publishing Development Manager, Bioscientifica

Orr, Christine

Publication Sales, The Optical Society of America

Pentz, Ed

Executive Director, CrossRef

Pesanelli, Jennifer

Deputy Executive Director for Operations and Director of Publications at FASEB

Pesek, Diana

Journals Manager, The Pennsylvania State University Press

Petrylak, Ashley

Senior Editor, Oxford University Press (OUP)

Pollock, Stephanie

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Lead, Journals Division, American Psychological Association

Profiles by Career Stage

Highlighting unique career paths and insights, SSP Members share their first scholarly publishing role, pivotal moments in their career, and more!

Qi, Li

Systems Coordinator, American Society of Civil Engineers

Rae, Victoria

Commissioning Editor, ICE Publishing

Raja, Han

Journal Transfer Manager, Frontiers

Ralls, Elizabeth

Assistant Editor, American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)

Ratner, Howard

Chief Technology Officer, Executive Vice-President for Nature Publishing Group

Regala, Jennifer

Managing Editor, The Plant Cell and Plant Physiology

Reinhart, Aubrey

Web Coordinator, American Society of Civil Engineers

Ringuer, Elisabeth Detisova

Strategic Partnerships Manager, Nature Research, Springer Nature

Riola, Non Picart

Director, Editorial Production, The Journal of Rheumatology

Roberts, Phil

2008 Travel Grant winner, talks about the impact SSP has had on his career.

Rosenblum, Bruce

CEO, Inera

Rubinstein, Brett

Chief Commercial Officer at GeoScienceWorld

Sack, John

Director, HighWire Press

Savage, Stephanie

Scholarly Communications and Copyright Services Librarian, University of British Columbia

Scott-Lichter, Diane

Publisher and Head of the Publishing Division for the American Association for Cancer Research

Shipman, Jean

Retired, VP, Global Library Relations, Elsevier

Skene, Tilda

Journal Transfer Assistant, Frontiers

Smith, Dean

Director, Cornell University Press

Snoeyenbos, Ann

Project MUSE Sales Coordinator, International and Special Markets

Snow, Damita

Director of Accessibility & Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategy, Publications and Standards, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

Spence-Lewis, Ed

Journal Manager, Frontiers

Springer, Michael

Senior Vice President, Business and Publishing at American Dental Association

Staines, Heather

Senior Consultant, Delta Think

Stanton, Maria

Director of Production, Atla

Stanwood, Karen

Director, Electronic Publishing and Production, SLACK Incorporated

Steffen, Julie

Chief Publishing Officer, American Astronomical Society

Strader, Ginger

Director, Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press

Stuart, Kim

Senior Editorial Associate, American Society of Nephrology

Sullenberger, Diane

Executive Editor

Tangri, Sanjay

Senior Director of Content Services, Cenveo Publisher Services

Tao, Tao

Managing Editor, JACC: Asia

Tissenbaum, Mady

Associate Publisher & General Manager, The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, Inc.

Tooey, M. J.

Executive Director, Health Sciences and Human Services Library, University of Maryland, Baltimore

Townsend, Randy

Director, Publications Operations, American Geophysical Union

Tristani, Nina

Director of Publications, American Public Health Association

Van Schaik, Theresa (Terry)

Sr. Director and Publisher

Walker, Miranda

Director, Publications, INFORMS

Ware, Todd

Vice President, Publishing at American College of Physicians

Warren, John W.

Director and Associate Professor, MPS Publishing, George Washington University

Watkins, Emma

Senior Marketing Executive – Partner Journals

Wetterberg, Anna

Senior Manager, RTI Press

Wise, Alicia

Director of Access and Policy , Elsevier UK

Zhou, Hong

Director of Intelligent Services Group, Wiley Partner Solutions