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Gabrielle Bethancourt-Hughes

Assistant Editor, Digital Product Management, Wiley

Please tell us a bit about yourself (e.g. hometown, current locale, course of study).

I’m from New Orleans and attended Tulane University for my undergrad. I obtained a BA in English Literature, then taught English as a Second Language in Spain for a year. I then came back home to NOLA and taught high school English at my alma mater for five years before entering the publishing program at George Washington University. In May of 2020, I left teaching and worked as a tech writer. GW has an excellent virtual program, and I was able to get my Masters in Professional Studies in Publishing in May of 2021. Then in July, I got my current job at Wiley! I work in the Science Solutions Department as an Assistant Editor in Digital Product Management.

Describe some of your current responsibilities and what type of organization you belong to.

Wiley is a major publishing company; we develop digital education materials and a host of scholarly and academic journals. My specific responsibilities include editing technical and scientific documents related to my team’s applications, creating help documentation, connecting with marketing and sales about our products, and hosting monthly lunch and learns for continued development.

What was your first scholarly publishing role? How did you get that job? What path led to your current position?

It was all thanks to George Washington University! The comprehensive publishing program, the accessible and supremely amiable instructors, and the ambitious and bright students I met there. I was lucky enough to be chosen as the student representative for the Editorial Board for the GW Journal of Ethics in Publishing. It was through this experience that I heard about SSP’s Early Career Subcommittee. All of this allowed for the invaluable education, networking, and experience that I believe was vital to my ability to secure a publishing job.

If there was a pivotal moment or key person in your career development, please describe briefly.

One major achievement I’m proud of was when the publisher and Editorial Board of the GW Journal of Ethics in Publishing invited me to become a full-fledged member of the Editorial Board after serving as the student representative for a year. I believe my proven commitment to the journal, my work ethic, organization, and tenacity led to this achievement, and I couldn’t be prouder to continue serving the GW community in this way.

What tools, websites, and organizations do you find most valuable for your career development?

Again, if you have the resources and interest, the George Washington University publishing program was my first step and it has led to everything I’ve achieved so far. I also received my Editing Certificate from the University of Chicago, and they have continued to provide great industry resources and job listings. During my job search, I found bookjobs.com helpful. The Scholarly Kitchen is always a great place to go for news and critical information about the scholarly publishing field. I also appreciate my involvement in SSP and the abundance of resources and networking opportunities therein.

What are some of the surprises/obstacles that you’ve encountered during your career?

As a professional still in her early career years, having little to no experience was a huge barrier. I was able to apply a lot of my educational experience and extracurricular involvements to elevate my cover letter and resume. These were also excellent talking points in my interviews. (Not to mention, they simply are excellent experiences without actually having a job title.)

What advice would you give to people interested in a career in scholarly communications?

Network! People in this field have been so welcoming, friendly, and open to offering advice and connections. I love when people connect with me to ask about GW or Wiley. Reach out on LinkedIn. Also, be open-minded and keep learning.